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Hey, I know we're all at the water park and hotel and all, but I just realized that it's Tanabata tomorrow! We should probably stargaze or something. Write wishes on the beach. Whatever.
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Oh, that sounds good... Maybe we couldn't have a real festival, but a small party like that would be better than nothing, wouldn't it? If everyone was there together, it could be fun!
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It seems like it'll be great. I'll make sure to be there!

[ or he'll make sure that his other self is there, anyway. yuugi doesn't mind giving up one tanabata. ]
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Is it that time of year already? Damn, it's pretty short notice for me to get the traditional strippers...
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Obon? I think I heard of that one too... When's that, again?
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I like the way you think. So, it about the same as Tanabata? People go to some shrines in kimonos or whatever and play games?
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Ain't that a happy sounding little affair.
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And the dead'll know their lives weren't in vain while we use stories of them coming back to get girls. It's really a beautiful holiday. Better than the dead candy one.
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Tana- what now?
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Re: [video]

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Huh... Sounds pretty lame. So what, any kinda wish?
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Re: [video]

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Human parties are so borin', though! There's not even any fireballs.
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Re: [video]

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See? Lame! [Honestly he has no clue, it's not like he's ever been at a party before.] ...there gonna be food, at least?
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Seriously? Geez, that's just dumb! I mean, what's the worst that could happen, right?

...alright, that's better then. Even if everythin' else ends up sucking, I can just stuff myself instead.
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And you actually listen to 'em? You should use them anyway, regardless a' what anyone else says!

So about this wishing thing, how's that work?
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Re: [video]

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That's a real shame. I'd offer ta help, [wow, did hell just freeze over?] but I ain't got a clue either. And fireballs aren't exactly the same.

...huh. [Well, damn it. He's too proud to admit that he can't actually write.] Humans are weird.
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Re: [video]

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Exactly! Life's just no fun without stuff blowin' up or burning!

'Charm'? Hah! Yeah. Sure. [Well, someone's sounding awfully bitter.]
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Writing wishes would be fun, though I don't know where you would get a bamboo stick that would be big enough to hang everyone's wishes from.
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How about painting the palm tree to look like bamboo?
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That would be a problem since it's their tree to start with... hm... Painting the tree is out, finding bamboo might be hard to do.

Wonder if it'll still work if you go to a shrine or something to hang the paper from?
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How about building a small one, like those portable shrines you see around new years? It's be easy to make everyone just needs to chip in and do equal parts work wise!
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Pretty sure that's a smore not a shrine.
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The gods might not take that sort of thing as a good thing and might end up cursing us instead.
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Ahh... well maybe one that can't really have sugar?
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That would be the smart thing to do!