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[cut for character death]

[The video starts in the middle of the action, with significant static due to energy interference. What's causing the interference? A massive column of black and reddish energy that Kendrix is fighting her way through. In the middle of it is a huge sword, stabbed right through a morpher--the morpher that had belonged to Kendrix's predecessor, Cassie.]

I've almost reached the morpher!

[She stumbles through the last layer of energy, but falls to her knees, the energy still coursing through her.]

It's the only way to save Cassie.

[She gets up, walks over with her Quasar Saber.]

I've got to do it.

Get out of there!

[Kendrix looks back at Cassie.]

I've got to destroy it--forever.

[Now the other eight Rangers are running toward her, screaming her name. But she ignores them, adding power to her saber.]

This has got to work!

[With a slash, she cuts through the sword...and is blown back by the energy backlash as it breaks.

The vortex disappears, but all that remains are Cassie's broken morpher, the broken halves of the Savage Sword and a ghostly Pink Ranger holding her Quasar Saber. In a flash of light, the ghost demorphs, and Kendrix looks up as she hears her friends call her name. Looking at them, she smiles.]

I'm okay. I'll always be here.

[She lingers for a bit before her spirit disappears into the Quasar Saber, which rises into the sky and vanishes.]

[OOC: Kendrix will respond for a bit before she disappears.]
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[Yeah, trying not to say much here. It'd probably come out insensitive.]
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You didn't have to do that...

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[ Honoka's staring at her screen, in completely shock at what she was seeing. That... it couldn't. It just... no. No. No. No. Kendrix couldn't be dead. That just wasn't possible. Not with everything, not with how they were talking. Things were going fine just a little bit ago and... ]

... Kendrix?
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[ This... this was even weirder. She... she didn't want to believe what she had seen, but it... she was see-through. And there was an explosion. And well... she... ]

You're... you're not...

[ She can't even bring herself to finish her sentence. Finish her thought. As if saying it would make Kendrix vanish just like that. ]

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[Oh... Oh no...]

...Kendrix? [No, no, no, no. Please let this be a virus, please let this be a virus.]
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You... [The concept of someone dead talking to her is hardly a new one to her. This is eerily like her meeting with Cologne at the Heart Tree. She doesn't like that one bit.]

You shouldn't be worrying about me, you...

...there has to be something we can do...

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[Losing Sentai has always been hard for the fan. Watching them die?]

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Waitwaitwait... I-I can fix this! I can still save you! GouRyuDrill travels through time!

All I gotta do is get it to your world, figure out how to travel back in time, save you and...!


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[Marvelous can't help but cringe. Memories and feelings are being dredged to the surface by Kendrix's sacrifice.]

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Don't say that. You're a hero.

[And he doesn't use that word lightly]

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Hey! [Did she see what she thought she saw?] Hey, what happened? Are you okay?
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(Even in this world too, wherever it is...

She appears to be a Rider from his perspective, but either way...could he have done something, anything...?)
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Are you a Rider, too?

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[ Yuri can understand why she needed to do what she did. She can. But that doesn't mean that she's not upset by it. She's always been pretty bad about trying to keep her emotions in, especially when death is such a real concept to her. Even if she's seen people getting 'taken out' all the time, it's very different to see a real death. ]

It was nice knowing you while you were still around. It looks like you get to say things to a few people so.. I'll just say that. I'm glad we got to talk and I'm glad there's a chance to at least say goodbye from the looks of it.
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Do you need anything?

[ In her final moments, Yuri can at least offer to help with something. Last message, a cold drink.. whatever. ]

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