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video + canon bump

(Shinji appears less confused on the screen and more deep in thought, lost in his own thoughts. He is able to hear replies however, and seems to be talking to himself.

Oh, and he's also staring at his 'Contract' card but totally ignore that. He still has reservations about the whole Rider thing, and he's annoyed with a certain roommate of his.)

...Ren had no right to say can't feel anything when someone you know dies! It'd be like me not feeling anything if he knew someone and they died in front of him. Yeah, he chose how he was gonna die but he was still our friend...even if he was a Rider.

(Shinji did feel responsible for what had happened, since he could've countered with an attack of his own or dodged out of the way. But he wasn't going to waste his life as a result of what had occurred. He had promises to keep, after all.)

But still...he's changed.
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[And Jin? Well, he's recovering from his Buddyroid being stupid and from getting Kaitou completely blitzed. What's he going to do with these pants anyway? That's what HE'S trying to hide off-screen]

Sounds like you've got some problems. Need an ear?
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[He'd explain, but he's apparently perma-banned from timey-wimey. Pfft. Like he'll listen.]

So what's the story?
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[The guy just got Kaitou drunk off his ass. He knows enough about Riders.]

Yeesh, you Rider guys don't make it easy, do you?