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[video; Mushroom Samba]

It's time, it's time for tea!

[Stanley is inside his little cave with a great many plants in it; quite a lot are NPC talking plants doing their thing. What he says sounds innocent until he hefts an onion up.]

Let us enjoy!

[Stanley puts said onion in his mouth and rears back like he's taking a sip.]

I made it a bit too strong...
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Don't think that's how onion wine works.
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I guess. You kinda boil it for a while, then you put the onion juice or whatever in the thing to age with the yeast stuff. You gotta let it get alcoholic or somethin', not drink it right away.
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Stanley, that's not...Is there a reason you're trying to eat an onion from a cup?
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Oh, I never knew you could bring them to life, too!
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[That entire scene is weird.]

I don't understand. When did they come to life?
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Does it happen very often on your world? I wonder if there's a virus?
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Sorry this is so late

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Then you did bring them to life?
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If this doesn't happen in most worlds, maybe it's a virus. I've not seen other people with moving plants, though.
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[Roze doesn't see it as a bad thing, either.]

It does sound like a nice one. They're friendly, aren't they?
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Sometimes, the dangers can be hidden, so be careful. But right now, it really does look like fun.
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[She's not sure but she's curious. Rather than interrupt him, she'll watch silently, waiting to see his plan unfold.]