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[Jin, fully morphed, is making another one of those "Hope you don't sick looking at this, because the camera is going all over the place" videos where he's fighting Buglars while also trying to post to the community. Because multitasking is a valuable ability.]

Yo! Sorry for the shaky-cam, but we ran into a little trouble here. We're going into Hyperspace to shut down Messiah once and for all. It's gonna be dangerous, and honestly, I don't think the others are ready, but we don't have a choice.

[Along with J, he regroups with Yellow Buster and Blue Buster, who are shooting at the Buglars ahead of them.]

Everyone, fall back!

[The four of them run into the building, trying to make it to the hangar]

Escape's not gonna quit that easily--Makoto! Get ready--we're in for some company!
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*Not only is the cheap costume back, Makoto made it worse. For lack of armour, she's wearing knee and elbow pads for in-line skating and has stuck random pieces of Styrofoam to her clothes, and naturally, food-themed sunglasses are there to be dramatically thrown in random directions. She holsters a backpack filled with 100-yen-store items like firecrackers, marbles, and cheap slingshots.*

I got it!
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*Makoto pulls out a slingshot and a handful of rocks and is shooting them at every enemy she can see. Some of them even actually hit.*
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*She's already got a lighter and firecrackers.* I wish they sold better weapons at the 100-yen store. The only sharp stuff they had were cutlery and boxcutters.
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Do we have a rocket?

*Eye sparkle.*
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Let's do it!

*Digging out knives and jump rope.*
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Obviously. I wanna hel-- Auuu!

*Interrupted by one of the horde swinging at her. She ducks and promptly...

Makoto are you biting it

I give up*
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*Lets go and punches the offending foot soldier in the face. Er, helmet.*


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[J is doing his thing. If by thing he means walking proudly through the ranks and slashing with precision. It's a rare opportunity to see the robot in action, and every move is precise and never wasted.]
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You are the one crashing into me. [And he mule kicks a bugglar.]
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I make a very good shield. [Slashing one that gets too close.]
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[In response, J started up his power attack.] Come on. [His voice was muffled.]
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[With a resounding blast, J fired, and his body shook with the backlash.] This should take most of them out.
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I will pay you out of Hiromu's wallet next we see him.

[And he's firing again.]

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