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I guess it sort of figures.

Um, everyone? What are ways you know to be hopeful? Things that make you happy?
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Otch. You ask the hard questions, do you not?

There are many things that make me happy; friends, my children, exploring new worlds...

But sometimes it is difficult to find anything that brings hope. I'm not sure if I could name any one thing that has forced me to keep striving all these years after I lost my revenge.
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Just because it is a hard question does not mean it's a bad one.

I am hardly that despairing. But what motivates us changes with time. For centuries I depended upon the hope of destruction to consol me, but that is little comfort when all that I knew is now gone.

Perhaps we all need to find a hope that is as unique as we are.
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Well, giving simple answers is boring, is it not?
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You're welcome.