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[Compared to last time, Delenn seems much calmer, if a bit melancholy as she stands in her quarters. Noticing the Babcom unit on, she looks up.]

The community again. I take it that these intrusions will be common?

[She's not upset about it, at least, and she walks over.]

When one receives good news--for example, the return of someone thought lost--one should celebrate, correct? And when one receives bad news--the knowledge that someone beloved will leave again--one is expected to grieve.

So what is the expected emotion for someone who has learned that someone she loves has been found, but that he cannot stay with her for as long as she had hoped? I have not yet figured out exactly how I should feel.
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That's horrible. I'm so sorry... Finally having someone important to you back, but knowing it's not going to be permanent, is confusing, but it's okay to be sad and thankful all at once.
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This place, um... people come and go from it and they can't control it. So, for a long time, a lot of us have been afraid. Any day, you could lose someone you care about. They sometimes return, but they might have all their memories or they might not.
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...I think so. It really hurts, and it can damage you, but there's no way I could give something like that up. Even if that's selfish.
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I think you're probably right. Even if I'm not sure what that says about me, or anyone, really. I hope things are better for you.
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Is the person you care about in danger, or...?
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I'm sorry. That's terrible, but...
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I hope you're both okay now.