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☀ // 002; [visual]

--damn it, wait here. Something's wrong.

[Whoever he was speaking to, the video (showing what appeared to be the interior of a small cafe) starts by moving erratically before being set down; for whatever reason, Caesar had taken off his watch. Maybe he expected it to get broken, because just past the visible storefront window was a figure that seemed to be glaring daggers at him.]

[Calm as anything, the blond stepped through the door and outside; a short distance away from the watch itself, their voices were muffled but audible.]

Straits, isn't it? I've seen you before--those fangs, though, that's new. [Caesar spoke first, looking oddly relaxed as the two slowly started to circle each other on the darkened sidewalk. The man he'd apparently called Straits didn't answer at first; he smirked to show a pair of shining white fangs just like that of a vampire. Caesar's voice changed in an instant, casual demeanor turning sharp and cold.]

I'm not in the mood to play around, figlio di puttana, I know what you did to my uncle. Come to try for someone that'll fight back? [Despite the open challenge, Caesar stood with gloved hands in his pockets. Straits, meanwhile, raised his arms into a fighting stance.]

It hardly matters where this takes place, or how many witnesses there are. [The smirk twisted into a murderous grin, red eyes glinting under the streetlights.] Caesar...I'll take your life before you ever grow into a threat to me!

[The blond in the headband acted in a single motion throwing his arm outwards, and several things happened in a matter of barely a second. Of all things, a thick and heavy wrench came out of Caesar's jacket sleeve and into his hand. The momentum and arcing motion carried it right into Straits' head like a baseball bat, and the vampire's body went flying into the cafe's windowpane, which shattered under the impact. Finally, his watch was knocked from where it sat in the chaos and cut abruptly to black.]
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--! How did...
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Ah, are you all right? Are you injured? Of course you're injured!
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Um, just that you have an enemy and you started fighting in a restaurant.
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I'm really sorry! I know it must be complicated.
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It's horrible, but I think I know situations like that.
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Not vampires specifically! Though I suppose everything is normal around here. Just -- people with a lot to deal with.
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Yes. There have been all kinds of things. Enemies and dangers crop up a lot, too.