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So... I'm on a Ferris wheel.

What's the strangest thing you've seen your face on?
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It's not even my face, and yet these are kind of weird.
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I am not entirely certain.

At all. I think they're like plushies in a box?
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Rubber plushies. Yeah I am completely confused by merch right now.
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That explains a lot. The protagonist power thing at least and merchandising.
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Well it explains why the purple girl pony is on everything.
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That's a shame. I've never met another pony who looked like me before.
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... that's a good point. There's probably someone who looks like another, or at least sharply reminds them of another.
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Hmm. Well, at least being here makes room for a unified multiverse theory I've been wondering about.
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Well it's a older subject, rarely broached in my world but I just can't help but realize it's right here, in person.
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Hmm... can't say I can agree, but right now there's nothing to worry about. Except maybe Applejack overworking himself last night.
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I'll keep it in mind. This IS the internet.
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Still a valid internet.
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I take it, it's not a good thing then. I mean, if you're worried about it and all...
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Sounds complicated, at least on the outset.
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I'll tell you the weirdest thing I haven't seen my face on--a damn Figuarts! Seriously, nothing with J or me.
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[Oh, don't mind him. He's been sulking for the past couple of years.]

Just because Kyoryuger had better toy sales...
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More like I like the expensive, high quality stuff. And then seeing that you are one of the only people left out of the team in that collectible hurts a little.
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They really are. 'Specially when I bought Hiromu's and the damn thing's leg came off!
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I got mad and threw it at Hiromu's head. Though, even he had to admit that was bad.
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Probably not.