08 June 2011 @ 04:29 pm
001 闇 [video / canon move/ locked from kouji and izumi ]  
 [The video jostles awake us the young boy kneels forward, breath haggard. Around him everything is but a pitch black, cloud-like state. He's been on the community once before, and this is definitely not the place he was. His blue eyes are wide, angry, as he kneels trying to catch his breath. It's obvious something here is tormenting him. The viewer can even catch images flying around of him and his mother, and then a [info]another person known to the community .

But the eleven year old doesn't realize the camera's on catching him in this place for a moment.]

No. It can't be--

[His voice was shaking and angry, but hey, that's sort of what happens when an evil Digimon turns and makes your negative thoughts even worse. And then his eyes fall on the small object that holds the community.]

It's back--but how. Damn. This isn't good. [He's frowning.] I've only heard of it, but a world hop... Can anyone do it?

[[OOC: Because of canon circumstances this is going to be Kouichi's only post for a while, because Cherubimon is manipulating him and he's supposed to be all alone/turning against people because he's being tormented by his own thoughts... For this matter, for whatever reason I'm going to say world hops are inaccessible to him right now. B| It was fun making him curse because he does but rarely. Um, yeah you can ignore this,]]
06 February 2011 @ 05:26 pm

[This is how it starts as the young boy flips open his school practice notebook and instead of finding the arithmetic he needed to be working on... well, the community. Blinking, he frowned slightly slight concern etched on his face.]

Did I grab the wrong one? This can't be right.

[A moment passes as he eyes the page.]

DramaDramaDuck? ...That's weird.

Must be some sort of joke--But mom can't afford another journal. [brief pause] Is there any way to get rid of this?