28 September 2012 @ 08:44 pm
Video || Enter Lea  
[The screen flickers on to a sleek, white room with an odd contraption on the opposite wall. In the room are three people; a man with silver hair dressed in a lab coat, a man with brown hair in some kind of guard's uniform, and a man with red hair in a black cloak. They seem to be in the middle of some kind of argument...]

"-And we haven't turned up anything in the last three weeks! I don't know where to go because you haven't found anything, and I can't keep hopping from world to world just HOPING to find something there!"

"We're doing the best we can, Lea, but there just isn't enough data on the server."

"Bullshit! Xehanort put everything he knew about the different worlds onto this piece of junk. Are you sure that you haven't skipped anything?"

[The cloaked man - Lea - gestured to the camera with a dramatic wave.]

"I'm looking at everything I can, Lea, I promise. Xehanort was only interested in finding worlds with the "seven princesses", so the data on this is primarily about those worlds. There's other notes - about us, about other potentially useful worlds - but the worlds we have data on is limited in scope."

[Lea grumbles angrily as he turns and walks towards the camera. He leans forward and pounds his hands on the sides of the keyboard angrily.]

"There's got to be something, though... He was interested in the Seven Lights, so he should have at least 'some' information about where to find them. It's got to be in here somewh - Oh you've got to be kidding! Ienzo, why are you on a chat site?!"

"A what?"

"A chat site! It's right here, you didn't even try to hide it! Is this what you've been doing?"

[The man in the lab coat - Ienzo - approached and leaned in next to Lea curiously.]

"Lea, there isn't anything on screen except the data files."

"Of course it is, it's right here! Don't pretend it's not here!"

"Lea, there isn't any chat site on screen. Why are you insisting there is?"

[Lea threw up his hands angrily and turned to the stone-faced man who had yet to say anything.]

"Aeleus, have you been using the computer for chat sites?"


"So it has to have been you, Ienzo! Don't try to deny it! Why are you on social sites when we're supposed to be looking for information on the missing Keyblade wielders?!"

"Are you feeling okay, Lea? Maybe you should lay down..."

[After a drawn out argument about Lea's health and the apparently invisible chat site, Lea throws up his hands again in exasperation.]

"Forget it, I don't care anymore. If you want to pretend you can't see it, then fine. Just... go see if the library has anything else to offer. I want to see if I can find anything else that you might have missed."

"I highly doubt it, I've gone through every file... Please, get some rest, you're starting to seriously worry me."

"Just let me look, dammit."

[With that, Ienzo and Aeleus leave, leaving only Lea to lean over the computer again and sigh.]

"I have no idea why Ienzo is lying to me... nobody else has used this computer today. Let's see... Huh? Is this recording?"

[He tapped the camera lightly, brow furrowed, then shrugged and lowered his hands to the keyboard. After a few movements of the mouse, though, he noticed something else.]

"What the- it's recording live to the site? Oh, crap... How do I shut this thing off?"

[A after a bit of fiddling, and the feed finally cuts out.]

Grey Text = Ienzo
Brown Text = Aeleus