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[The video snaps on and poor Tsubomi looks utterly beat! It's like she was in the middle of a massive fight. Indeed, she was. With her world's problems expanding, Tsubomi's grandmother took her team to a mysterious place to obtain a powerful artifact. However, to prove that they were worthy of this, they had to fight the previous Precure. Someone bent the rules, however, and instead of her grandmother, Tsubomi and friends had to fight Nagisa, Honoka and Karen!]

...hi, everyone. Sorry if I look worn down. I... kinda am. But...

[She holds up what looks like a jewelry box]

...Erika, Itsuki, Yuri and I got something powerful to help us. It's the Heartcatch Mirage. Grandma said it could grant us infinite power, but... I don't know how to really use it yet. Maybe we're missing something...

Oh! Nagisa? Honoka? Karen? Are you three alright? I hope we weren't too rough on you. I know we were supposed to fight you and all, but... well...

[Yeah, she's worried about them...]
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You six had a throwdown and I missed it? Please tell me someone got it on tape!
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Ah, well I'll go bug either of them for the tape. Or disk or whatever they recorded it on. I'm sure it was amazing.

How are you feeling?
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Well they are the first in the modern day line. I guess they make up for it with sheer physical power than anything flashy.
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Well your grandma might not have enough power to do so anymore.

Him who?
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Sounds like the final boss to me. I hope he doesn't show up any time soon.

[Oh HO.] Sounds like you still hold a torch for him. You never got his name?
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But you're lucky! You had a first crush. Mine got completely shut down. [And the fact that Yuri was gone now from the community.]

Hmm, that's weird. Strong silent man of action?
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I think everyone needs a little saving when they first become Precure. [Except Mana. Goddamnit Mana can't you go with the usual tropes? No? FINE.]

Hmm... any way to find out who he is?
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I guess you have a point. Why can't anything be simple? Oh right, we're Precure. Nothing is simple.

Grass Grows, Sky is Blue, Nagisa is Topped by Life, and Everything is Complicated.

[Nagisa you just got metaphored.]
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Nagisa is Topped By Life.

... what? She really is!
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It can be pretty silly at times.
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[Giggling now] Oh Nagisa it's only true!
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Topped By Life could insinuate a whole lot worse though.
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I don't want to know!
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Hehehehe. Well at least it's by life.
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I can't believe this...
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[All the giggling on her end.]
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Kaitou should have it. I probably should have taken it, come to think of it. Anyway, if you want it, I'm sure I could get the recording for you.
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If you could please? I'd like to see it, and I'm sure Hibiki and Kanade would be interested in it too.
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Of course. It really was quite a spectacle. The result was... surprising, though.
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Yay thanks! That'll be fun to see.
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It's not a problem. I'll send it to you once I get it.
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Thanks so much. I have got to see this.
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Hey, don't worry! We've been through worse.
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You never really expect the important stuff.
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No, the three of you received the Heartcatch Mirage, not me. I had nothing to do with it, I was just... present. There's no need to include me in that list.

As for how to use it, I'm sure you will figure it out in time. Knowing how these things usually work, its powers will probably awaken right at the moment you need them most.
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Only very technically and only at the very end. I know you girls are very insistent on dragging me into everything, but I am not a part of your team. Do try to remember that.
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[personal profile] fightbymoonlight 2013-05-24 11:23 am (UTC)(link) sure are stubborn, you know that?
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I guess so, yes. You, as well as Cure Marine and Sunshine.

...And I'm guessing there's nothing I can do that will make you girls stop seeing me as part of your team, is there?
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No offense to Itsuki-san, but I really hope we never have to do that again.

Congrats on winning though!
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Yeah. She really is. She was a martial artist before becoming a Precure though, so that makes a lot of sense. You're really lucky to have her on your team.

[She smiles.]

But yeah, I don't like fighting my friends either.

[At least it was only a test though, and not something more sinister.]