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Movie night?

So! I got myself a streaming account so I could watch horrible movies and the occasional sappy Korean drama, and I found a really awful one--movie, not drama. I like my shows, okay?

Anyway, it's based off some American cartoon, and everything about it is bad. The villain overacts, the sister can't act, the grandfather clearly doesn't want to be there, all of the adults in the movie are stupid as hell, and you wonder why the hero kid hasn't just turned evil on them--or, now that I think about it, I think the villain might actually have been an evil future version of him. The writing was so bad I couldn't tell.

And because of that movie being so bad it was awesome, I thought, hey, why not do a shitty movie night? We'll set up somewhere--doesn't have to be the Mysterious Library or anything; so long as we've got room to sit and watch this crap, it's fine--put on a show, and enjoy something stupid. You know, something to help when our lives start getting shitty. And I'll make sure it doesn't conflict with Homework Club or whatever, 'cause seriously, kids, do your homework.

Thoughts? Movie suggestions?
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Bad movies are good?
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Weird. I dunno about this.
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Fine. Maybe. Is there gonna be food?
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What else do you eat?
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I want everything.
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This is fun. Even if I feel like something's missing, I like living with you guys.
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Auu... Thank you.
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How many people are we gonna have watching the movies?
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Uh, what about people who can't leave their world? Are we just shit out of luck?

[Any kind of movie would be cool.]
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Sounds cool. I'm in, if I can get away.

So, what's the movie again?
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Sorry, I'm not going to be much help. Movie's aren't really a big thing here.
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You know, since I don't really have a lot to compare it to, I just might like it. [She likes bad puns so it's possible.]

I mean, how bad can it be?
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Yeah? Like what?

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How were the Plans 1-8? Did it just get bad with 9?
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They probably failed, or you wouldn't need a 9. So, they were worse than a really bad movie. We should watch one of them.
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You ever watch good movies?
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If I don't get to watch many, I kinda wanna watch a good one, too.
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I dunno...comedy, I guess. I like funny stuff.
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What's the best one?
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Westerns? Cowboys are cool and stuff but what does it have to do with comedy?
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[She nods in sudden understanding.] Oh...okay. I got it.

Are Japanese movies pretty good? Guess I wouldn't understand them though.
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I kinda get that here. Will you tell me when you watch a comedy?
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[She smiles, looking forward to it.]