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[Look whose physical age finally matches his mental age. Or don't look because I don't have icons.]

I know my ABCs! Look!

[And there's some scribbling of the alphabet, but instead of a letter-J, in between the I and the K is a crude drawing of this guy]

See? I made a J!
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How come the alphabet has so many parts to it? It's hard.
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Yeah! We should go on strike.
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I dunno. On strike just means making a sign and marching around and not doing what we're supposed to, right?
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Then we do it with snacks!

What do we put on the signs? I don't read yet.
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*She'll totally believe it says "school sucks" or whatever he tells her.*

What else do you do on strike... Oh! You keep other people from getting into the classroom, too!
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Yeah! Don't cross the picket line!

*Tying a skip rope around the doorknob and the other end around the coat rack.*
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Do you do that on strike?
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A strike movie?
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Okay! Maybe other people know how to go on strike.
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That's not a J, that's a man.

I don't want to write. I wanna play kickball. You want to play with me?
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[She is totally done arguing about the letters already because kickball takes priority. Kickbaaaaall.]

I get to kick first.
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Nobody can do that.
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Can not. Prove it.
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You're a big liar.

[But she's going to come anyway because she's curious.]
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Get it back. I can do it better.

[She stands with her hands on her hips.]
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Are you gonna fall? I don't like climbing trees. I don't want to break my leg.
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Throw it to me!
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Try it. I wanna see.

[She folds her arms, waiting expectantly.]
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[She runs over.]

Did you break your legs?
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You're gonna get a butt cast.

[Clove laughs.]