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 My blade is an extension of myself.  It is more than a tool, more than a weapon. It is part of me, and always will be.   My blade is an extension of my mind, of my heart. I must be  calm. I must be focused.  Honor the blade, and honor myself.

...These thoughts would be simpler to keep in mind were it not for my travelling companion, Mugen. I apologize in advance for his inevitable rudeness and utter lack of conscience.  Injuries are highly likely around him, so do be cautious. 

As for myself, I am Jin. I am of the Mujushin Kenjutsu, and lately a bodyguard (temporarily), and  in the recent past, a fried eel vendor (also temporarily).

Please keep me in your regard.
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fuck you jin
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what the fuck does that even mean
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bastard fish face
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she'll be fine with just me, she won't care
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like that bitch could kill either of us

well maybe you

but not me
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speak in japanese asshole
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you wanna bet asswipe
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i'll kick your ass right here right now fish face
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keep one eye open
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Is he the weird guy with the beetles?
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Take him back.
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Hell of a promotion from snack vendor to bodyguard.
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Is the 'former' thing 'cause you got mixed up and ended up protectin' the snacks and sellin' yer ward?
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You... seem like a pretty serious guy.