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[Yeah, he's Drunk too.]

[It is well and good that people are showing back up!

Know what might not be so good? Assorted plants in your dwelling. Depending on your situation, this may or may not be a good thing.

Though, if your timing is right, you could witness the culprit: a certain Good Troll slurring out a ditty about filling everywhere with flowers, his worldhop device in hand...]

(OOC: Yep, surprise plants in your base. Stanley's having a lapse of good judgment due to virus, but you the mun can pick what plants you want. He's not picky. Or cautious.)
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finally i get 2 bother u

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[All right, buddy. This ain't funny. First, Mugen's mouth works funny and he can't curse any more--and now the inn room he's staying at is full of fucking sunflowers?! Give him a damn break!]

What the heck is even--

[He wastes no time in trying to hack at the rapidly-growing plant life with his sword, growling hard. And... wait, was that a flash of red hair there?]
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[Aw, hell no. Now it's growing even quicker--and, damn it, where's that stupid sunflower-obsessed bitch he travels with when he needs her?!

Mugen snarls and keeps hacking and hacking and he swears he can see some spiky hair bobbing amidst all the growing, tall stalks.]

Come out, you silly little bumblebee!!
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The heck...

[But that CHUCKLING!!! Mugen quickly arcs his sword down where he hears it, taking out a huge chunk of sunflowers while he's at it. Maybe he finally got it?

Or maybe he just sliced really damn close to it.]
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[What the... hell...]

... it's a chubby li'l bubba. [This virus is the worst. Mugen bends all the same, though, using his tanto knife this time to hack and slash at the sunflowers as the little... thing... happily goes about doing its business. Mugen's kind of just following it, now.

Well, no. He tries to reach out and curls his fingers into its collar.]
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[Should he be happy?]

What in tarnation are ya?
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You look an' sound annoyABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.

[God fucking DAMN it.]
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I wasn't trying to be nice, ya piece of sunshine. [Shit. He was aiming for shit.] The heck are you doin' prettying up my room with your good-smellin' flowers?
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There's TOO MUCH OF IT. [Besides, Mugen only really appreciates 'beauty and pleasant scents' in the sack.] I swear, what the heck d'ya think you're doin', huh?
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You were filling my room with so much pretty.

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[Fucking idiot. Mugen doesn't trust his mouth, so he flicks Stanley on the forehead instead. All while holding the troll by the collar, of course.]

Yer a wonky one.

Now where the heck'd you come from?
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There an Old York?
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[This is going nowhere.]

What the heck ever. Yer in Edo now, cutiepie.
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[Mugen puts the tiny troll atop his hair and flattens him down with his palm to trap him. Physically, anyway.] Ya put sunflowers in my room, yer gonna pay.
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You have no idea.

[And he doesn't. Mugen calmly walks out his inn room (and it's multitude of sunflowers) and down the hall so he can go downstairs and outside.]

You like the flowers a lot, huh?
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That so, little guy.

D'ya wanna live in a world full'a flowers, then?
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That's good, y'little sugar booger.

[Mugen's a ways out of town, now. He delicately plucks Stanley off his head.

And then throws him into a flower patch.]
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Oh, now what?
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wait what

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It's haunted it's haunted it's haunted!