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[For his Horde!]

[After much time and effort, Kirby has finally managed to obtain the second Grand Sun Stone! As it pours its energy down onto the giant Dreamstalk, the third floating island reveals itself.

Kirby takes the Grand Sun Stone, gets on his Warp Star... and flies back to his house? When he opens the door, one can see the many, many gems and shiny things littered about.

Kirby puts the Grand Sun Stone into one of the dwindling spaces in his house. He beams proudly.

He might have a problem.]

9OOC: Yep, virus.)
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Uh... you've been busy.
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What's with all the stuff? I thought you took it somewhere else.
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I guess if it's something you really like... Yeah, I'd totally do that too.
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What kind of virus is this, anyway? I don't get it. Is it just "have a bunch of stuff"?
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--Hey, hey, are you okay? What's wrong?
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...So your stuff is attached to your house?
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...Yeah, I guess that'd be really uncomfortable. Try not doing that? I dunno. Sorry I don't know what to do about it.
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Hope they don't have them there...