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With all this talk of wars, politics, and diplomacy, the community has been making me feel very nostalgic these past few months. Even as a soldier of the Vatican, I don't do a great deal of fighting - at least, not the sort of fighting I used to do in the past. And I'm certainly not a politician here, or on Lisa's Earth.

In April, I asked how many of you remember my world. Not many of you did, of course; it's been a long time. Today, though, I have a different question: how many of you would consider yourselves to be a leader of something?
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[personal profile] yes_im_kawaii 2015-07-05 01:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Commander Boring won't let me be the new leader even if they do have to take Hiromu out to take the card out of him, which we still don't know how to do. Unfair.
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I don't want to lead a book club! What does that have to do with anything?
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You're just being mean about it. I'd do a good job!
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That's just because you suck. Look, I even fixed my chicken cannon, what more do you want.
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Why not? It aims right now.
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Enemies. Stuff. I didn't break any windows this time!
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Yeah, it's in the hangar. How come?
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Okay! I have some test film.

[She sends a video where she's... well, that is definitely a chicken cannon amidst giant robots and armoured vehicles, and she is definitely firing it at high-up, faraway targets. The lab hands can be heard in the background muttering that at least she isn't testing it outside anymore.]
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They're fine with it! Auu. You keep making fun of me.
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I am my planet's ambassador, now, to the space station Babylon 5, but before that, I served as a member of the Grey Council, our ruling body.
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But you are not anymore. Was this through an election or appointment of some kind?
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More like the Centauri Republic, then. If you do not mind my asking, was it that it was too dangerous to reclaim the throne, or did you prefer your later position?
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It is a difficult thing, to maintain that kind of focus. But the fact that you recognized it is good, as far as your people are concerned. Hopefully, either the new leader can see reason or one who will be better for your people will rise.
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I have often found that it is the people in whom it is best to believe.
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Leader? Not even.

I start or stop things though.
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Bit of Column A, a little of Column B. I'd rather not lead anyone if I can help it, and no one is stupid enough to let me do so.

So thus, stalemate.
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I might act like a moron, but that's mostly to throw people off.
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Depends on the situation. Maybe sometimes, yes, but others I just throw people off their stride.
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Well yeah. That's basically what I do.