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[There is a bird in a throne room here.

It's definitely a throne room - although most throne rooms don't have giant mushrooms growing and large crystals and plants next to the lights, there is a very nice throne in the middle of it. So it's a throne room.

It's probably a bird. Though most birds don't wear crowns or fancy robes. And most don't talk.]

His Royal Highness, the King!

[Trumpets play. It's not clear where from.]

Hello, I am the King.

[The King clears his throat.] This is a very strange thing. There are not usually computers on the Holiday Star. The King does not understand how this one got here. The King is very worried that scarier things than computers might suddenly appear.

But, it is nice to see people from far away. The King is very busy on the Holiday Star and cannot travel. The King would like to say hello to everybirdie.

...There aren't many birdies here, are there? Very strange. Very, very strange. The King would like to know why, if that is okay.

[The message ends soon after - apparently the King does not have any trouble operating a computer with wings.]
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As far as I can tell, it is the human data information center. The Internet.

I hear there are a lot of cats.

[Heart gave him a look.] You are a bird.
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[Heart gave him a look, raising an eyebrow before snorting.] I am no human, I am more than a human.

You can call my people Roidmude.
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Hmph, for a talking bird and a ruler, you have a lot to learn if you are going to protect your people.

[And Heart is slightly unimpressed at the moment.]
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Really? What's stopping someone from portaling over and shooting up the place?

[No that's not a threat. Just a question Heart was wondering. How does a bird protect its people?]
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[Heart held up a device that was provided to him.] This apparently allows me free access to your realm.

What's to say anyone else has one?
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Caring for your people is a sign of a leader then.
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Very good. I'm glad to talk to you then.
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It's Heart.

I am Heart, the leader of the Roidmudes.
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Likewise. It's uncommon to find rulers in this world, or in others who aren't human.
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I would prefer it if you protected your friends, oh King. It would be more of what a ruler needs to do.
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Good. [He liked the idea of having a good leader after all.]
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Driven. We have a single purpose and that is to prove ourselves better than humans.
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One would think so, but there is a foe among them that we... [what is the word for it? Fear? No, respect? Maybe.] oppose.

He is the Kamen Rider.
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It's a name that we're not fond of around these parts at least.
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[A tiny robotic cat has turned the feed on. From the video, it appears to be in a large briefing room of some kind and has tracked mud all around the place, especially on the paperwork scattered across the desk it's sitting on.

It paws at the screen.]
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[Nekotari tilts its head, makes a chirping noise, and picks up some paperwork with its mouth.]
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[The cat in question drops the paper and starts sort of... mashing on the keyboard, leaving muddy pawprints.]

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[The voice does not belong to the cat, but to a girl coming in from offscreen in an awful cobbled-together hero costume with a backpack bulging with snack foods and "borrowed" weaponry.]

We gotta go or we'll get in trouble for the mess. ...How come you're using the computer?

[Nekotari makes a chirp and hops up into Makoto's arms. Makoto stares at the video feed.]

There's a bird.
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[She blinks and looks disoriented for a moment, then shakes her head.] Auu? Nekotari isn't scary. Even if it only likes me. Besides, it doesn't even eat birds. It drinks fuel.
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Is that your name? That's a weird name. I'm Sawatari Makoto, and this is Nekotari Meat Bun.
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I think you can name your cat anything. Some people name their cats after random stuff, like food or clothes. Some people name them people names.
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No, but I like meat buns. And neko is for cat, and tari is for Sawatari Makoto.
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Thank you! [The cat gets snuggles.] How come you're called The King instead of King Whatever-name-a-talking-bird-has?
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Auu... I forgot my name for a while. Is it like that? That's sad. But I can call you the King anyway! It's easy to remember.
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Really? Thank you! Most people just call me a very annoying person.