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Gotta Catch Em All

I have come across the most fascinating subject! Did you know you can collect over 700 different monster variants in a single game franchise? The statistical probability of breeding and creating things alone is incredible.

I simply must read everything I can on this!

And perhaps find one of these Nintendo 3DSes.

[Guess who discovered Pokemon?]
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Is it really that interesting?
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Uh. Welcome to the internet. Are you gonna become one of those metagame guys?
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Just don't turn into the people who rag on you for trying to have fun instead of play some numbers game.
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...I can't believe this.

Just look up EVs or IVs or whatever it's called. Maybe both? But I thought IVs were those things at hospitals, so maybe it's something else.
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I've created a monster, haven't I? Just. Don't get all stuck up.
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Some people just like being better than everyone else and don't like people having fun instead.
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Sure. Uh, you do that.