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It has been a long week. [handwritten]

The ball on Sunday was pleasant enough, but I can't tell if I really enjoyed it. Many of these high class manners can become so overbearing at times, and all I wanted to do was escape.

So I did. For a time.

I must remember never to mix opiates with whatever they're serving at those pubs near the docks.
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Mixing pirates?
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...Of course! I totally have. Because I know things.

If your party sucked, no wonder you ditched. Why was it boring?
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So you got sick or something? Okay. You should have more fun parties, anyway, so then you won't have to ditch.
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There's parties like that in the future, too. Some people just play music that was funny twenty years ago! I don't even remember twenty years ago!
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[A new face, woo!]

I know what you mean, hee! Sometimes, we all wanna be carefree.
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Never be afraid to ask if you want to go somewhere or do something. The duck is friendly!

[Most of the time, but Stanley's being Stanley.]
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video, whoops

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[Stanley puts two and two together.]

Oh! You must be new!
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moar vidz

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[Stanley stares a bit at Dorian's reaction.

Then he giggles.]

Yep! New all right!

[He grins.]

It's not so much me, as the, uh... thingie letting us talk to each other. we just call it the Duck.
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Those sentiments sound much like an Ambassador I know. He would have sympathized.
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Re: [handwritten]

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Until very recently, what I believe you might call the "life of the party." Very personable, with a great love of strong drinks, games of chance, and the company of women.
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Re: [handwritten]

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He has not acted like himself, since a war between his government and another. I believe he may have had some part in beginning the war, and he seems to regret it.
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Re: [handwritten]

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I believe that may be the case. The war has ended, and it is a stressful time of reconstruction, but perhaps the focus on that will allow him to heal.
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Re: [handwritten]

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As do I.