24 August 2012 @ 09:16 pm
†007. permahandwritten  
Explain death. Symbolical, mythological, philosophical, theoretical. Rites or customs pertaining to the deceased.

...personal experience.
13 August 2012 @ 10:19 pm
Canon update -- Video  
((OOC: The actual video of his canon update is here up until 3:46))

*Remember that one guy that all you could hear was a low voice and you knew he was in prison? Looks like the jailor finally decided to let him out. Auron decides to not agree with the terms of deal and tries to fight his way out. He's saved by a guy with a shield, a duck and a kid with a keyblade who burst in unexpectedly. In turn, Auron has to save the impetuous keyblade user and they all run like hell out of Hades' palace, fighting Heartless to escape.

After they reach a safe spot, they collapse, exchange names and decide to try to get out of this place. All anyone can tell now is the man in prison is named Auron and he can fight with one arm tucked in his coat.

After a bit of a rest, Auron looks at the book, which had been open and recording everything. He peers into it.*

So this must be Hades' book. Ducks, hunh? You'd think they'd be on fire to fit his theme.
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26 July 2012 @ 12:16 am
sphere o1 {accidental video}  
[The feed turns on to show you the ruins of a broken city. The only light comes from strange floating... things, drifting through the air as if lonely or lost. Their bodies glow white, and in their wake the light shifts from pastel pink to yellow to green to blue and back round again. The only sounds are ghostly whisper-like sighs and a soft mechanical hum. The video pans around the area, looking over the broken road and strange spires and remains of buildings. It is night, and there are clouds that are bright and glow with the same shifting colors as the wisps, not quite an aurora. After a moment, the video turns off.

But the darkness is only brief. Shortly afterwards, it turns back on again, this time focused on the face of a man wearing a headdress and heavy-looking robes. There is a staff propped up against his shoulder. There is now the sound of a campfire that casts orange light across his face. He smiles tiredly.]

Hello again, Yuna. I hope you are safe and happy. Are you enjoying Besaid? I thought you would like it there. It's a better place for you... I wish I could be there with you. I wish I had found it earlier. Maybe then, you, your mother, and I could have lived there for a time. I think you both would have liked that...

[He trails off for a moment. The lines on his face betray his longing and his loneliness.]

I'm sure Auron's taking good care of you. Go easy on him! [He chuckles.] I know it may be tempting to tease, but understand that he truly is a good person. He's just a little gruff, that's all. Considering what he must have been through, after Jecht and I... [His expression doesn't change, but some of the humor leaves his eyes. Then, his brow furrows, and he shakes his head.] No, I'll edit that part out...

[The man reaches forward, and the feed ends.

Guess who has absolutely no idea that his sphere (camcorder-y-thing) isn't a normal one? That guy just now.]