02 November 2013 @ 10:50 pm
[locked to Chrono]  
Hayate's getting worse, and anything I try only adds more to the Book. She wants to stay in an Earth hospital if possible, but she really does need the TSAB's help.
14 October 2013 @ 03:15 pm
[10 | video | canon move]  
Most of you seeing this, as Chrono appears on the screen against the cold background of space through a window, will register that he hasn't looked this angry since he's first appeared on the community. Regardless, he's here, and he's got a bone or three to pick. Throughout his upcoming speech, he's barely keeping the rage down, and failing spectacularly in places.

"Good day, community. I've got a few things on my mind, and if you're all right with it, I think I'm going to vent a little. Fair warning, there are some things in here that aren't pleasant, so if you don't listen to anything else I have to say, I've got one thing I want to touch on after all this - all of this is related to our current crisis, though, so if you don't mind... I have a story to tell. One that's about to shape Terran history, if a lot of things don't go very, very right.

I want to tell you a story. About an artifact, and a family. And a little girl whose life was torn apart, in the name of dimensional space. )

"The Bureau is about to begin formal combat operations against the Book of Darkness on Unadminstrated World #97. While the terms are a little different, consider this a declaration of war. All available forces or allies are cleared for participation in combat operations, and... we're clear to use the Arc-en-ciel if we need to. We will not let what has happened to so many other worlds happen to this one. To that end, I've got a few declarations." Chrono's tone and vocabulary seem to shift into something more official; as it happens, there's a formal recorder picking this up for formal drafting of orders and documents.

"One. Effective immediately, Admiral Gil Graham is placed under arrest for conspiracy to cause a dimensional dislocation, manipulation of a restricted Lost Logia, the attempted murder of Hayate Yagami, and a number of other charges I will take the time to dig through Bureau regulations for when I don't have a crisis to fix. He will be tried by a military tribunal when time permits me to testify. While I wish I didn't have to do this, his position as my mentor and a close family friend will not save him from justice.

"Two. Effective immediately, the Time-Space Administration Bureau places Hayate Yagami of Unadministrated World #97 under protective custody and watch. We're going to place a permanent station there to enact such watch, until such time as she is able to defend herself. Said watch will be staffed by Bureau personnel to include myself, provisional clerk Fate Testarossa, civilian collaborator Yuuno Scrya, and, at her option, another civilian collaborator I will not name, but who knows very well who she is. A post will be constructed near the Uminari prefecture of Japan, to enact local protection more readily. Myself and my mother, Admiral Lindy Harlaown, are in charge of this watch; questions, concerns, and requests should be directed to either of us." His voice is hard as he moves on, and he's speaking in what can only be described as the tone of a commander leading his men to war.

"Three. The Asura will be returning to Terran space as soon as possible, in the interest of protecting Unadministrated World #97, locally known as Earth, from the known danger presented by the Lost Logia presently known as the Book of Darkness. Combat operations will be conducted as needed to protect the citizens of Earth. Support is being provided to forces participating in operations, and permission is granted for assets outside the Bureau to join combat operations. Operations are expected to conclude upon the destruction, termination, or other cessation of resistance of the Book of Darkness. The Device identified as Durandal has been seized from Admiral Gil Graham, at his request, and will be used in operations according to its design principles. The projected maximum duration of this operation is the end of the locally-observed calendar year. I am personally in charge of this operation; questions, concerns, and requests should be directed to myself, and will be answered as soon as possible, in the order they are received."

Chrono reaches for something offscreen; there's a click and a loud beep. Continuing in a less-severe voice, he adds, "I am doing the best I can to make sure that what happened last time - where I had to turn away help, as much as I wanted it - won't happen this time. If you can make a good-faith promise that you're not going to destroy the planet in the process of helping us save Hayate, you're in. Every resource I can bring together for this, I will have. I have lost too much to this damned book. I will not lose anyone else. If there are questions or concerns, I'll take them now; I've got a lot to do, but you all are the reason so much of this has been possible. I owe all of you a large debt, and if there's anything I can do to help you after this is all over, name it, and I'll see what I can do. In case I don't get to say it later, thank you for everything you've done for us.

"Hayate, if it wasn't clear - we should probably talk soon about what this all means. The rest of you... if you'd like to help, let me know. Thank you for your time." The feed clicks off without further comment.

And as a last thought before he returns to business, locked to Nanoha: "I mentioned you two or three times in there - when you get time, I'd like to discuss our battle plan."
02 September 2013 @ 07:57 pm
[09 | Video | Canon Move]  
I know I just asked about a place to move into a while ago... but I need to return to Midchilda for a little while. There are... a few things I need to see about. Some knowledge I need to gather, and a weapon for the Asura that needs to be fitted. I'm worried that things are going to go very, very south while I'm gone, but there's nothing that can be done for it, so I'll just have to manage, and work quickly.

[There's a long pause, before Chrono's expression grows even more somber.]

About the weapon... the Asura's going to be fitted with the antimatter cannon "Arc-en-ciel". It's got a massive range - its effect radius is several Terran miles - and objects struck with it are basically removed from existence. It's used only as a last resort. Honestly, I'm hesitant to have it equipped... because if I have to use it on the planet's surface, I'm going to be scorching homes, towns, and cities from the map. I'll be killing innocent people for the good of dimensional space.

It's hard, to know that you have such world-ending power ready to call to your hand at a moment's notice, and to bear the burden of knowing when to face the truth and use it... I do not want to be responsible for mass slaughter in the name of protecting the worlds from a greater evil.

[He sighs.]

Hopefully, we won't have to use it, and I'm just worrying over nothing. I will return soon... please take care of the girls while I'm away.
09 August 2013 @ 01:02 pm
[08 | Video | Canon... nudge?]  
I'm sure I don't need to tell you all about the incident the other day, on Nanoha's world. Part of my job is to protect Unadministered Worlds - those that don't have magic, or do have magic but aren't part of the Bureau - from the dangerous effects of Lost Logia, as well as dimensional criminals that might think a nonmagical world is a safe place to hide. To that end, my mother and I are formally taking on the case on UA #97, locally known as Earth. We're setting up for some plans; our preparations are going to take a while, and we need to make sure everything looks good before we get started.

I need some help with those plans, though. It's a little bit of an odd question, but... what does one look for in a place to live? My mother is still letting me lead the mission, and she's helping as little as possible; I have no idea what I'm looking at here, and I've spent the last several years of my life chiefly on starships. What unit of measure is an "acre"? Why do I care if there's natural gas hooked up? Are these numbers for crime artificially inflated?

[As he speaks, Chrono looks through papers in front of him in the briefing room, trying to make heads or tails of anything more arcane than "two bedrooms".]
04 August 2013 @ 12:41 pm
[07 | Accidental Video/Action | Wreck-It Ducks]  
[At this moment, one might find Chrono sitting on a bench in Game Central Station, looking over statistics from the last day's play on Gears of Destiny Arcade - a 3D magical fighter - on S2U; it's a shockingly complete list of all the relevant telemetry from players. The pages flip slowly, Chrono's eyes scanning for anything useful, and his scowl growing a little more pronounced as he goes. Character matchup tables, credits played, player win-loss records, final boss success rate... it's a dizzying array of numbers, and he's just scanning through, looking like he's swallowed a lemon.]

247 paid plays in the last 24 hours. 140 Full Drives, 48 of those ending in Bursts. 72 versus challenges; for story challenges, the existing player won 65% of the time. Someone actually 1CCed the game; I'd better send Nanoha to cheer Yuri up...

[Chrono sighs, putting S2U down as he reaches the end of the data he'd been sorting through.]

And yet I still don't have better than a 5-5 matchup against anyone on the whole cast since they turned us on. Hell, I'm a 1-9 against Yuuno. 2-8 on Nanoha and Stern, I can understand, and 3-7 with Einhart makes sense, but... the ferret beating me up nine times out of ten? Maybe I'll have to talk to Nanoha, see if she has any tips I can use to tip the scales.

[He looks down at S2U to check the time and finally realizes he's being recorded.]

Of course it is. Sorry, I'm whining. But really, it'd be nice to not completely suck. I'm no Nanoha, but I'm a ranking officer in the Bureau. I'd like to actually be decent, and I'm certain I'm not the only one who feels that way.

[Standing, Chrono sighs again.]

If anyone needs be, I'll be at Tapper's for a bit; they asked me to stand by as security at the Bad-Anon meeting later, so if you need me, that's where I'll be. Although I'm wondering if someone showed them that pilot, and they asked me as a joke... Oh, well. Enjoy your day, everyone. [He nods in farewell, and the feed shuts off.]
24 June 2013 @ 09:58 pm
[06 | Canon Move 3/3 | Video]  
The dimensional cruiser Asura, currently commanded by one Chrono Harlaown - his mother had given him the bridge for the duration of the current incident - has been making a beeline for Unadministrated World #97, Earth, for the last several minutes at best speed. Best speed, unfortunately, has just now put them on the edge of teleport range, and you're looking at Chrono addressing a group of three on the bridge: a blonde girl of about ten years of age, a woman old enough to be her permanent caretaker with orange hair, and a boy about the same age as the first girl. The first is armed with a black staff bearing an axe head; all wear grim expressions as they receive orders. Even Chrono is a little bit worried, and it shows.

"I know we're sending you down there with limited information. I wish I had more - my source didn't have a whole lot for me, and our sensor suite hasn't even found Nanoha yet behind that shield - but I don't, and waiting is just going to make things worse at this point. What I do have is that you're facing at least one assailant, with a melee weapon that seems to function like a hammer and is magical in origin and power source. There may be others. Nanoha's condition is... uncertain, but probably not good."

He clears his throat; he hated that he had so little to go on, but Nanoha's video had been brief, and nothing was piercing the massive bubble that covered half of Uminari. When he speaks again, he's all business, voice loud and clear. "Your primary mission objective is to secure Bureau civilian collaborator Nanoha Takamachi, ideally unharmed. If she is injured, attempt to administer first aid until we can bring her back aboard for proper treatment. If there are enemies, suppress them until retreat is possible. Should retreat be infeasible... you have permission to engage, but you do not have clearance for lethal abilities. I want them alive to answer for this, understood?"

Three nods: one accompanied by a worried look fading into determination, one ferally determined, and one set in a worried frown that isn't going away.

"All right. That's the mission. Be ready for anything... and make sure she's safe. You're among the best I've worked with in a long time. Don't let me down." With a gesture, the teleporter between them goes live, and he continues, "Get down there! I'm counting on you!"

As the three disappear on a course into the shield, Chrono can only hope he's not too late. He draws S2U again, and gives a pointed look; the camera switches to show the view from his Device.

"I'm certain that recorded, whether I wanted it to or not. I want to make it clear that there are to be no heroics tonight. The three I sent in are Bureau personnel in two cases, and an approved civilian collaborator in the third. I don't want someone else getting hurt because they tried to do something in there and weren't prepared. Please... I'm sure you're worried. I am, too. But I need this to be a Bureau job with Bureau staff, or there are some laws I'll be breaking. I don't want to have to shoot someone that's trying to help. You all have my word that everything'll be okay. I mean it: no outside help."

Chrono takes a long breath, collapsing into his chair again as the screens unhelpfully display the shield his bridge bunnies are even now trying to crack. "I get the feeling this is going to get worse before it gets better... I could really use someone to talk to while I wait for news."
24 June 2013 @ 02:41 pm
Canon Bump - 1/3 - Nanoha A's Start!  
[You see Hayate moving around the kitchen, working on something that's boiling at waist height as she's on the phone.] -- You'll be coming home late? Okay. I'll make sure that there'll be food ready for you when you get home.

Sorry Hayate-chan, I promise we'll be back as soon as possible! [Was the voice on the other end, audible to the community.]

It's okay, Shamal, just come back as soon as possible okay? I'll call one of my friends to keep me company. Laters!

[Hanging up, she sighed as she found her laptop broadcasting.] Oh hi community! Looks like it's been a long time. It's December now. So how are things?
22 April 2013 @ 05:21 pm
[05 | Video | Grab Bag: Timewarp]  
[Ducks, the Chrono looking at you... seems a little older than you saw him last. A lot older, though not so much as the Hayate you saw a few days ago. He smiles when he realizes the camera's turned on, waving lightly from his office chair. It seems he's actually planetside somewhere this time; there are windows behind him and a landscape beyond, the coming dusk tinting the room a brilliant gold.]

Good evening, community. It's been a while since I heard from you last... years, even. I think the last time was... during the Book of Darkness incident, wasn't it? I wonder if something happened... in any event, ten years have passed since then. I've become an admiral with the Bureau, supervising... well, a lot these days. I'm trying to take it easy, but it seems like there's always something else to be done. I don't get the chance to get out and do fieldwork anymore, either, which I miss. But my job here is important, too; dimensional space would fall apart if there were nobody to do all the paperwork and bureaucracy, so I'm taking that burden on myself so my Enforcers and the rest of my ranking officers can do their jobs.

In any event, I finally got all the paperwork signed off and pushed through for Hayate's new unit, so I've got time... how is everyone?

((OOC: Chrono is posting from just before Nanoha StrikerS, ten years after the end of Nanoha A's [where the cast is now]. Ignore the icons still being young!Chrono, I can't be bothered to cap all three times he shows up in the StrikerS era.))
09 April 2013 @ 04:32 pm
[04 | Video | Canon Move | Locked from Nanoha]  
Ugh, I'm exhausted... It took some time, but the trial I've been attending to is over. The girl I was working with was found... well, effectively not guilty. The court's conclusion was that her mother was coercing her into the things she did, but she's not around to stand trial, so... She's under my mother's custody for now, and she's helping us out on our missions, so we can keep an eye on her and make sure nothing bad happens. I'm glad the court granted our request for leniency; the poor girl didn't really do anything bad, so it would be a failure of justice to sentence her to prison time.

In any event, we're heading back to Unadminstrated World #97 - Earth, to its residents and most of the rest of you - to pay Nanoha a visit. It's going to be a surprise, so don't tell her, please? We'll be making best speed, but we're not on a mission, so we can't push it. It'll be... a few days, at least. But hopefully not too long. I'm anxious to see her too, honestly. It's been a long time.

[The boy slumps back into his chair.] Gah, this whole affair took too long...
16 February 2013 @ 12:33 am
[03 | Video | Virus: Red String]  
I'm coming to realize that some kind of... force... has tied community members together, literally, via red strings on their pinky fingers. It looks fairly widespread, so I'm a little concerned... is this sort of thing normal?

And more to the point... [Chrono holds up his own hand, with a string tied on; he looks like a kicked puppy.] I don't seem to be immune myself. What does this "red string" mean, anyway? I haven't heard of it before.
14 January 2013 @ 11:40 am
[01 | Video]  
[Ducks, today you are looking onto the bridge of what is unmistakably a starship, in flight if the view of space in the distance is to be believed. Before you sits a young boy in his early teens, with a stern expression, and in a rather ornate coat with spiked shoulders.]

Greetings. My name is Chrono Harlaown, Enforcer, Time-Space Administration Bureau. I'm joining this community today following a few odd clues I've found at recent scenes of dimensional crimes, mentioning "ducks;" I'm not certain they were meant to lead me here, but a lead is a lead all the same. I hope we can get along.

[He relaxes just a hair.] I feel my first question should be... what is this? I can tell it's a community for people to communicate, but beyond that I'm not certain. Am I understanding correctly that it functions across dimensions?