07 August 2013 @ 04:49 pm
VIDEO; Wreck-It Ducks Virus Post!  

Look it's Yuri drenched in her own blood in the Rokkenjima kitchen! Of course, the blood didn't pool or anything, so it's possible that she wasn't killed there. It's hard to even tell what she was killed with, there are so many brutal injuries on the body, even her thigh high socks are torn!

Of course, she is already dead so she groans after a moment, then looks over at the camera irately. ]

Alright, who the hell killed me, where, and with what!? Everyone better get looking for Clues right now!

[ That said, anyone who replies may get replies from any one of the possible culprits. Was it Battler? Lambdadelta? Bernkastel? Eva-Beatrice? Perhaps it was Ange? Though the girl seems to be off on her own for now. What if Yuri staged the whole thing? If that's the case, what did she do it with and where?! ]