26 January 2013 @ 06:18 pm
Link is very, very NSFW  

30 November 2012 @ 01:06 pm
yeah, 2o.
iit'2 been a couple of week2, and now the communiity'2 pii22iing me off agaiin by 2tiickiing iit'2 cartiilagiinou2 nub iin my bu2iine22.
ii really need two u2e my head2et, 2o maybe a po2t wiill work.

2o, nookwiipe2, what'2 up?

been a couple of viiru2e2 that ii mii22ed, huh?
ii've been 2pendiing tiime hangiing out wiith ff, and kiickiing the nook of a certaiin de2perate fii2h-faced lo2er.
iit'2 probably the happiie2t ii've been iin my liife.
undoubtedly thiing2 are about two take a downturn.

fuck, ii probably need a better que2tiion, huh?
how about thii2.

what kiind2 of game2 do you guy2 liike?
02 September 2012 @ 10:15 am
you're all giiviing me a fuckiing headache.
04 August 2012 @ 10:27 am
oh, uh.
2o ii'm not dead, after all.
but ii've got 2ome really cool purple pyjama2, now.
2orry iif ii worriied anyone, except iit 2eemed liike mo2t people were two preoccupiied wiith theiir own death2 and ang2t two notiice miine, 2tory of my liife, thank2 pre2ent kk for nothiing.
death number one, cleared, ju2t one more two go!

[Locked to Karkat]

hey, you around?


oh hey, ii've got a que2tiion.
doe2 anyone el2e get vii2iion2 of the future be2iide2 me and that chiick ii talked two the other day?
2orry ii don't remember who iit wa2.
we 2hould, liike, form a club or 2omethiing le22 lame than that.
by whiich ii mean maybe we could coordiinate and 2ee iif there'2 any con2ii2tency two our vii2iion2?
ju2t an iidea.
02 August 2012 @ 01:44 pm
[Text] --> [Video]  
[The community first gets treated to a feed on an ongoing memo that seems to be happening between several trolls. The first bits are gibberish, and then we get to the good stuff, which seems to come through fine]

PTA: nooooooo, not the ban, it buuuuuuurn2, oh god hahahaha.
PTA: waiit.
PTA: oh god.
PTA: iit doe2 burn.
PTA: 2omethiing'2 wrong, iim 2eriiou2!
PTA: that horriible p2ychiic noii2e
PTA: the voiice2
PTA: they're all goiing two diie
PTA: oh 2HiiT iim bleediing
PTA: 2hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
PTA: thii2 ii2 bad
PTA: ii have two get her iin quiick
PTA: got two go

PCG banned PTA from responding to memo.

[There's a short pause, then a video screen opens, showing Sollux...not looking so good]

Cut for large image )

D E A D ?
14 July 2012 @ 08:14 am
oh my god.
okay ddd, iit'2 tiime for a fuckiing p2a from your2 truly.

word two the wii2e.
iif ii ever 2end you a viiru2 that ii2 obviiou2 trolliing and ba2iically make2 iit clear that runniing iit ii2 a bad iidea.
e2peciially when ii TELL YOU NOT TWO.

babe, you really 2pend half your liife wiith your head jammed up your nook, don't you?
pa2t you ii2 a fuckiing dumba22.
ii love iit.
good luck gettiing another hu2ktop.

ii gue22 iit'2 tiime two get down and bu2y ruiiniing the uniiver2e now.

Cut for troll translation )
18 May 2012 @ 07:08 am
hey guy2?
thii2 ii2 mo2tly diirected at the troll2.

dumb questiion.
when you go through your adult metamorpho2ii2, doe2 iit ju2t kiinda happen when you aren't lookiing?
ii thought iit would be more iinvolved than thii2.
wiing2 are cool, but ii feel kiinda gypped, phy2iically.
ii'm 2tiill 2hort, two.
20 April 2012 @ 03:21 pm
Hey, I got him! I got him! He'th under my control. Now get thith footage, and don't mithh it!

[The video opens wobbling on two young trolls, Sollux and Karkat. Both of them are recognizable, but as they both turn to face the camera, which is clearly being held by someone whose hands are shaking very badly, it's obvious that something is different. Sollux's glass lenses are both blue, and one of his eyes glows red with the vision 8-fold that Vriska normally would have. His symbol is Vriska blue. Karkat is holding a hockey stick in one hand, and his symbol is indigo. Both boys are grinning.

As they shift out of the way of the camera a little, it's revealed that there is a young troll sitting on the ground, his eyes glassy and his whole body trembling. His own symbol is browny-orange, but this isn't Tavros, it's a stranger. Sollux grins at the camera, and addresses the camera operator]
You be good now, and maybe I'll let you live. Jutht hold the camera thtill!

[Then he looks at Karkat] You ready for thith?

[Karkat is tapping the end of the hockey stick on the ground irritably.] Just hurry the fuck up. I want to get in on the fun too.Cut for gore and bad bad troll boys doing bad things )

[OOC: Both Sollux and Karkat will be replying after feeding their hapless victims to spidermom]
15 April 2012 @ 03:41 pm
[Sollux is sprawled on the floor in his hive, which is a shambles. His network beehives are knocked askew and yellow mind honey is all over the floor. He's essentially lying on his back in a puddle of the stuff.

Sollux' window is missing, as if it's been blown out by some kind of powerful blast.

He sits up with a groan and wipes his mouth with the back of his - fortunately not honey covered - hand. He holds his head for a few moments, then looks around in utter confusion]

What the fuck happened?
21 March 2012 @ 08:05 am
[Text] Warning, warning, fourth wall has been breached  
2hiit what the actual fuck.
why are there apparently miilliion2 of humans dre22iing up a2 me?
or 2ome rea2onable faciimiile...

ii thiink 2ome of them thiink ii'm hot, though.

ii'm fuckiing laughiing my a22 off over here.
jade, 2eriiou2ly why diid you tell me not two google my name?
thii2 2hiit ii2 golden.
18 March 2012 @ 05:07 pm
there, ii made a po2t two thii2 retarded bulge fondliing communiity.

[OOC: Truth or dare time!]
24 February 2012 @ 06:34 pm
ii've been playiing thii2 game for 2iixteen hour2, and countiing.
iit'2 2tiill lame.

2omeone tell me 2omethiing that'2 not boriing.
14 February 2012 @ 07:51 am
[Text] Intro  
-- twinArmageddons [TA] opened memo FRUIITYA22HOLEQUACKBEA2TCELEBRATIION with DramaDramaDuck [DDD] --

all riight.
that'2 iit.
everyone get iin here.
iit'2 tiime two PARTAAAAAAY!

no waiit.
iit'2 not tiime two partay.

iit'2 tiime for 2omeone two fuckiing fe22 up.
2o get two iit, a22hole2.
who broke iintwo my re2piite block whiile ii wa2 a2leep?

[OOC: Yes, this is Cnd, bringing in one last character for now. Liz dropped Sollux (and I dropped Aradia) and we've done a little shuffle, so now I have Sollux XD;; He's lost his memories of the community and been brought back through the timeline to before he played SGRUB, though I might have him get his memories back later.

But for now: has he eaten the cupcake, or not? YOU'LL NEVER KNOW UNTIL YOU POST]
17 October 2011 @ 07:39 pm
All twelve young trolls stand on a platform facing a huge, black monstrosity. With a lot of tentacles.

Wait. Twelve? Actually there are hundreds of them. Hundreds of Aradias are gathered in the black, starry sky.

Tentacles slash everywhere, delivering humiliating drubbings and sly gropes that are probably not entirely worksafe. Aradias explode one by one, darting in to take blows that would have killed her friends, but there are still dozens more. Sollux and all the Aradias distract the monster with telekinetic blows while the others aggress with their own weapons.

Other than Gamzee. He's not really doing much.

Vriska rolls perfect 8s, and the monster only shrugs off the most powerful blow she can muster. All seems lost.

Suddenly Gamzee seems to awaken to what's going on. He pulls out a weapon and delivers a blow that leaves all of the others completely stunned, and instantly slays the enormous beast.

Shocked and elated by their unexpected victory, the twelve troll children gather on the platform in front of a huge door. [[As in the latter part of this video]] Karkat reaches for the doorknob, intending to take his prize, but suddenly a green glow erupts from the middle of the platform. The door is cleft in two by a huge sword as another monster, with one arm and black wings and a snarling, doglike snout, appears and attacks them.

One of the Aradias dives forward, telekinesis gathering all of her friends close, onto a platform in the middle of the floor. As the doglike monster attacks, all twelve trolls teleport away, leaving the beast to snarl impotently and take out its fury on the remaining Aradiabots, all of which are destroyed in an instant.

The monster then flies to a nearby golden planet, with a moon tethered to it by a huge golden chain, and destroys the entire planet with a single blow.

[OOC: Holy shit, canon move. All the trolls are now in the Veil. Some of them may make posts of their own, but all of them are also welcome to threadhop and reply to anyone replying in this post. Where doing this! Where making this hapen!]
09 July 2011 @ 02:06 pm
>Kanaya: Return To The Core [Video-warning image heavy]  
Not cut IC, image-heavy, imagine this is video. )
11 May 2011 @ 11:25 am
nooooooo, not the ban, it buuuuuuurn2, oh god hahahaha.
oh god.
iit doe2 burn.
2omethiing'2 wrong, iim 2eriiou2!
that horriible p2ychiic noii2e
the voiice2
they're all goiing two diie
oh 2HiiT iim bleediing
thii2 ii2 bad
ii have two get her iin quiick
got two go

[You get the feeling that wasn't just meant for you to read when the text switches over to video. Of a slightly deader-looking-than-usual Sollux. Whatever happened to him was probably pretty nasty.

Oh well, at least now he and Aradia can match and both be dead. No harm, no foul.]

((Shockingly Sollux will be replying to this. Once Feferi revives him. So all replies are forward da- yadda, yadda, yadda.))
28 March 2011 @ 02:04 pm
[Accidental Video Post] >Vriska: Make her pay  
[The video opens with a close up shot of a young troll girl, typing on her laptop. She is frowning and looks irritated as she types short replies to whomever she's talking to, and her frown continues to deepen.

Suddenly she gets up from her desk and hurries to the window, a look of hope and confusion on her face. As she looks, the camera zooms past her to reveal a glowing figure hanging in the air outside her window.

A familiar figure, to her at least.

Aradia runs outside and looks up at him, smiling with surprised pleasure.]

Sollux?? What are you doing he--

[Sollux removes his glasses and his eyes glow bright. Aradia looks up at him with dawning horror.

A terrible explosion ends the feed in a burst of static.]

[OOC: Aradia's and Sollux' replies will come after a couple of hours]
20 March 2011 @ 06:11 pm
what the fuck ii2 thii2
whiich one of you iidiiot2 ha2 been 2crewiing wiith my 2tuff
aradiia how'd you get thii2 thiing on two my computer
get iit off