30 October 2015 @ 08:34 pm
Hail the Conquering Hero  
Mon general, the Vorlons and Shadows were routed from Zawame City, and I have successfully defeated God himself!

The battle took less than expected. It was almost like someone was expecting a massive invasion of alien life!

And that GORGEOUS White Armored Rider showed up! Ah, what bliss! He gave me presents too!
15 October 2015 @ 09:46 pm
Delicacy 1  

[The message was being recorded by a man in a bathrobe, with a glass of wine at his side.] What a wonderful day it is today, non? A certain je ne sais quoi as it were for the evening.

[He sipped his drink before continuing.] Now I know that you lovely people in this humble internet has all but discovered the wonder of the games. To which I reply, non! These uneducated ruffians who are plaguing our streets with their Invess Game has completely lost touch of the real battlefield.

But I, Oren Pierre Alfons, will in fact bring elegance and a masterpiece to the bloodsands! Ah yes, like the Roman Gladiators of old, the bloodthirsty people will have their due.

So please, watch upon my elegant transformation.


[Without even moving from his chair, legs folded, he plugged the Lock Seed into his belt, and transformed.] DURIAN ARMS! MR DANGEROUS!

Ah yes, the battlefield will be joined, as I make certain these scoundrels are properly chastized in the art of war. Until then, adieu!

[Leaning over, he tried to flick off the camera, and scowled before de-transforming from Bravo into Oren.] Por que? Why on earth isn't this not working?