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[Locked from Phil Coulson]

I have recently been made aware that a great war hero by the name of Steve Rogers is member of this community.

I have something that I would like to talk to him's not an urgent matter and I understand heroes have a life. So no pressure or anything, it's a pretty casual request actually.

Anyway...I'd like to make this contact as discreet as possible and I would be grateful for anyone' making this contact.
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That would be me...
Is there something I can do you for, ma'am?
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It's nice to meet you, Miss Kyle.

[ It's probably because he wakes up before everyone else. ]

I am. He's a good friend.
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You can just call me Steve if you'd like, Selina.

Autographed? No, I haven't. The only thing I've written on for him was this card on his birthday and that doesn't count. I'd be happy to do it for you if you'd think he'd want that.
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A photo? I wouldn't mind.
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It's no problem at all. Any way I can help.

[ ooc: You're safe to assume~ ]
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You don't owe me anything. You're welcome.
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There's a hero around here?
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Oooh...! I wanna meet him!
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Do you need a hero?
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Oh! Girl power and all of that, yes!
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So what's your super power?
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I'm Candace.
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So you like cats?
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Bunnies are nice too.
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They're sooooooo cute. Also, ducklings!
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That's because they're baby ducks!
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My, his friends do keep showing up!
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Steve Rogers has made quite the impact on mortals, has he not?
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He is a hero in every sense of the word.
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... to quite the obsessive extent.
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... I would not know of it.
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[Obviously not here but this is the cutest thing. CUTEST THING.

That is all.]
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[D'aww. Selina. Terribly cute. I want them to be pals in the worst way.]