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A Curious Journal [handwritten]

To whom this may concern,
I don't know who you people are, nor do I know why you keep leaving this notebook in my attic, but I am quite
certain it does not belong to me. I'll admit, it is rather lovely, duck motif on the front cover and all, but I hardly remember agreeing to participate in what I'm assuming is a public diary to be filled by some sort of exclusive club in which I do not belong to.
Now that I think of it, how is it that you keep breaking into my house without unlocking any of the doors?!
Sincerely, Dorian Gray

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Why do we keep getting people who don't know what internet is.
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Uh... kind of. The real explanation is really long and then you're not gonna believe us and then we're gonna have to talk about electricity and wired communication and after THAT we're gonna have to talk about how the community is half magic and half technology and reaches across time and space and you're gonna say we're making stuff up and THEN someone's gonna have to teleport to your house to prove other worlds are real and you're gonna freak out again and I don't wanna do that.
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...I don't know when some stuff was invented, okay. Just what was around in 1999 and what was invented between that and 2012, and sometimes I get that wrong too. But!
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Yeah, and then I moved to another world that was even more the future because my old world sucked.
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My name is Sawatari Makoto. We have a lot of cars and trains and office buildings and most things run on enetron, but apparently other worlds in the same time don't know what enetron is and use nuclear or hydro power or stuff like that. Also, there are a lot of cat videos. I bet I can send you some. Links even work in books.

See, cats.
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Yeah, and it goes super fast.

A cute wobbly kitten! Because it's a link for us, but then you're using a magic book because you don't have internet. Nobody knows everything about how the community works, not even someone really smart.
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I think so. Except it's only interesting people.
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Like who to talk to and stuff?
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Do you have an exciting life? Most people here do.
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It sounds fun. Like off manga.
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Books with pictures and stories and there's lots of different kinds but I like the ones with interesting love stories or explosions but the last one I can already see at home anyway.
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No, we just have a bunch of enemies.
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If we broke into your house, it wouldn't be to leave a journal.

As it stands, it's a form of magic that even I don't understand.
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Re: [handwritten]

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Wait till you find out you're writing to a unicorn.

Which you are.

Hi, I'm Dusk Shine. Welcome to the Duck.
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Re: [handwritten]

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I use magic, to grip the quill that I'm writing with. Sometimes I use a computer but those are harder to come by.

It's as far as I can tell, some kind of interdimensional communication relay or nexus as you will. Designed specifically to host various people from many worlds, medians and other places. It's not a trapping system, nor innately hostile, but prefers to cause chaos once in a while.

Most importantly, it allows people to talk through their issues, problems, and sometimes change the outcome of a scenario.
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Re: [handwritten]

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At the most basic level. Picture a mathematician with an abacus or a machine hand-worked. Now picture that person being able to do work at a speed unheard of.

There's plenty to see, and the community is small for now. It's not too bad.
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Re: [handwritten]

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It does. It's pretty great and we're working to get them widespread here in Equestria.

It does. The community is, as I was told once before, used to be much bigger.
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Re: [handwritten]

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They just lost access. Sometimes it happens, and people drop in and out of this place.
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Re: [handwritten]

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This is a pretty neat place after all. Lots of research material too.
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Re: [handwritten]

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Yeah, but I'm a scientist at heart. I like building things and working on theorims.

Sure, go ahead.
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Re: [handwritten]

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I'll have to look it up. It sounds Prance. I recognize the pony version of said author though.
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Re: [handwritten]

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Yeah, I've noticed the difference in word usage across the worlds.

There's various historical people who my world shares a history with. And there's some ponies who are just equivalents of others.
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Re: [handwritten]

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Pretty much. There's a lot of similarities.