12 May 2013 @ 10:16 am
[Video; locked from Michael]  
[There is a stereotypical businessman working at his computer. For our purposes it doesn't matter what he looks like, because very soon a hand taps on his shoulder.

The guy looks around and immediately scrambles away. The hand belongs to one man with sharp teeth and devil wings... as well as a very silly outfit but you be the judge on that one.

The devil tsks.]
You lied to Saint Peter. You told him your girlfriend was dying in the hospital and you wanted to be there for her when she passed away. Which is sort of true, except it's your ex-girlfriend who you hadn't seen for two months.

[The businessman is stammering something but the devil goes on.] Peter's a sucker for sob stories and he let you come back to life, and for the two weeks from then until now you didn't go near that hospital. Well, guess what? She's dead, and your time is up.

Now, you were kinda borderline before this. You cheated on your wife, you stole from your company... But that was a pretty big lie you just told. So, guess what?

[He leans in close to the man's face with a grin full of teeth.] You're going to Hell, man.

[The man gives an unearthly wail as fire consumes him, leaving nothing but his clothes and his computer. The devil sighs and starts picking up his possessions.]

Getting rid of their stuff is the worst part... eh, what's this blinky light mean? [He presses random buttons on the computer, and one of them cuts off the recording.]
22 April 2013 @ 04:47 pm
[video] 5:02 PM. The Doctor dies... or does he?  
[The feed seems very confused today, Ducks. It seems to be glitching, different bits and pieces of video filtering through. It all seems very cobbled together and disjointed, as if it can't seem to settle on one point in time to show. That's fairly understandable as all of time is happening all at once. No matter what day or location the feed tunes in on it's always 5:02 in the afternoon on April the 22nd. Nothing seems right, in fact it all just seems very very wrong and out of place.

Charles Dickenson being interviewed on television... pterodactyls flying through a London park... a pyramid in Egypt with an American flag painted on it...

Winston Churchill speaking to a bearded man in a toga...

Wait, that bearded man looks familiar. Could it be the Doctor? He looks bewildered for a moment before the feed changes again, showing him on a train, back in his suit and bow tie as he talks to a redhead wearing an eye patch. It changes again, showing the bearded Doctor chained in the Tower of London.

cut for length )

((OOC: Eleven, River, Rory and Amy. Replies will come from River and Rory since, well, the Doctor is a little indisposed...))
15 April 2013 @ 12:52 am
[Video - Grabbag Virus, Body Swap]  
[In the background of the video is the hum and rumble that sounds like a locomotion, visibility low as is if the primary source of light were the recording device itself. It highlights a shirtless Vash, covered in deep but old lesions, surgical scars, even what appear to be hunks of long missing flesh. All of those appear to be so old as to no longer even hurt; in contrast to the deep, dark splotch of blood smearing over his stomach as he gives up at wiping it to start padding it over with cloth scraps.] 'least it's not gushing anymore. This'll have to do for the short run. [For anyone familiar with Vash, his speech cadence seems off from his usual pattern, along with some of his pronunciations, still entirely coherent, but distinctly... accented. Even if he seems to be talking to himself, he gives a pained grin to the camera as he reaches into a (random) passenger's suitcase for a shirt to use as a bandage to hold the cloth in place.]

But, really, Needle Noggin, if you're doing all this...Ghh! [Jerking the bandage a little too tightly in emphasis on his own body, his eyes roll and his teeth grit before letting some slack loose and panting. He decides an easier means of emphasis is to slap his hand to his chest, leering towards the camera.] ...because some mystery "she" would get her tush in a sling over somebody dying, like that Kaito said, do you think any good woman's going to be happy about you coming home looking like this?

I've... [There's some hesitation as he gathers up the edges of the cloth to wrap it around again, avoiding looking at the camera even though there's no organic gaze in it yet to meet.] ...got three lives to save over here. Yours, mine, and li'l Kaito's. So I'm gonna have to put a black mark on your Saint's record.
25 February 2013 @ 12:51 am
[Video - Mushroom Samba Virus] Sandwich Funeral  
[The camera opens with a rustling of pages; his device is clearly a book, one he's trying to keep from closing on itself by folding it open and sticking it deeply enough in the sand to hold its position. The scene is nothing but desert sand every which way, with a motorbike and a large cloth-wrapped cross (around 7 feet tall) in the nearby background.]

It may be a little blasphemous for his funeral rites to be performed by the one who killed him, but there isn't a village or a Chaplain for iles, and his family deserves closure.

[As he says this, he holds up a half-eaten slice of bread with what looks like peanut butter in one hand, and a baggie of uneaten bread from which the slice likely came in another. Continuing his lament, he plops the 'family' bag down unceremoniously, all while treating the 'dead man' slice very gingerly. He holds it in one carefully flat, open palm, the other hand digging a hole in the sand, meant to be its grave.]

I've never seen bread so lively before in the natural world, so this must be related to you, Community. That doesn't excuse what I've done, but I thought that you should be involved. That you'd want to be involved. [With a sigh, he lowers the half eaten slice down into the shallow little hole and begins taking out the other slices of bread, lying them around appropriately.] Ashes to ashes, ducks to ducks...

Would anybody like to say a few words?

[His attention turns to one of the slices of bread in attendance, frowning awkwardly but no less deeply as it lies there inanimately and certainly not saying a thing. Still, he nods on occasion, shifting uncomfortably until finally speaking again.] Yes. Yes, I'm sure the rest of the family also has many memories to share... Ah, and if anybody out there [He gestures to the camera.] would like to speak, even if you can't be here in person, I'm sure it would mean a lot.