22 April 2015 @ 08:17 pm

Makoto being dumb )

...I probably should have asked if anyone had a birthday first. --BUT STILL. It's cool, right? I bet some people would use it all the time!

Can you guys make yourselves, too?
26 February 2015 @ 02:13 pm
The hell kinda fun'd this place think I was gonna be shrinkin' me down too small to even hit the 'on' button?

[Scratching the back of his neck, Greed flops against the back of the couch looking around; there's no sign of anything catching his eye, nor much background noise for a bar; maybe it's the time of day? With a displeased groan at nothing identifiable, he mumbles at the ceiling.]

Guess I should just write it off as lucky it didn't record their bullshit again and call it even, huh...
22 December 2014 @ 11:29 pm
the name's mugen don't forget it i'm gonna be the strongest damn guy in all of japan and i'll cut an  
so i'm training these beetles for fighting so i can earn prize money right and it turns out i'm the best beetle trainer in the entire fucking world, thank you, and my beetle becomes king of the ring or what the hell ever and this guy dumps this huge wooden box thing that makes a bunch of weird airy noises on my lap instead of cash and what the hell am i supposed to do with it i ask him and this bitch i travel with tells me "mugen that's a computer" and i'm like yeah, okay, what the fuck is a computer, and so she pokes around and the computer takes me here and i'm talking to people? who are you people where do you come from and do you know how to use swords

bitch keeps telling me i need to learn how to use punctuation but what is that

[ Of course, I do plan on having Mugen learn how to punctuate and all that eventually! I just hope a post like this is okay meanwhile as he tries to learn both it and technology? Guy isn't the smartest crayon in the box, after all. ]
12 July 2014 @ 07:48 am
[The video cuts in with a jarring shake, the camera tumbling, coming to focus on the bottom of a green couch and a chipped tile floor that probably needs to be mopped. Some unfamiliar voices mumble about "How do we erase this?" or "How the hell did we forget the security feed?" or wondering if they "should go grab one of the alchemists?" 

It's the latter question that gets a response from the decided star of today's video, the voice coming from the man picking up the camera and looking close up enough at the lens that you can see the veins in his eyeball.]

Nah, it can't be an alchemy thing if Greed can work it.

[The video focus draws away from his eye as he sets the camera it down on the table for a view of him on the couch, staring at the computer--a device decidedly more than a little anachronistic in a low lit, low-tech, mostly empty bar in which nobody seems to have anything immediately digital on their person. The lot lingering around the back of the couch don't look to be the most savory bunch, in rather tattered clothing, perhaps even recently roughed up, though there's a look about them suggesting that maybe hygiene's never been their highest priority.]

It's got a light on now. We probably just turned it on. 

[The man speaking seems to find that both ironic and mildly if not bitterly amusing, smacking his hand over his face and leaning back on the couch with a mix between a sigh and a groan.]

It just fucking figures he can't even be half assed to run the security any more... Guess that's lucky for us.

[Someone else asks if they shouldn't still be looking for the feed to erase the video. "The whole recording's gonna look suspicious."

The man gives a sulking look to the camera before sitting up and at least throwing a messy handkerchief over the visual feed.]

He doesn't even care if the military gets called down on the whole bunch over this drug cartel bullshit, you think he cares about internal spats enough to do anything?

[But still, unseen on the video, he'll try poking at things, trying to manipulate a completely non-intuitive visual interface to delete whatever video might be recording. If the fact that he barely knows what a mouse is much less what a right click does weren't enough to make it an impossible task, the fact that the video's been posted to the community has only made it a more doomed endeavor.]

((OOC: Drug plot with Stanley; replies may come from one-shot NPC character or Greed; Greed specifically if you denote your post as a 'later' reply, NPC specifically if you denote 'early' reply.))

06 March 2014 @ 02:33 pm
[Jin's typing away at a laptop in an abandoned warehouse. There are sounds of battle from outside.]

Okay, in retrospect? It was stupid to try to morph when J's infected with a virus, can't equip my suit, and will end up giving the whole damn thing to Enter. At least this whole setup I tried to get for Kirito is finally gonna come in handy.

[Behind him, J is approaching, moving roughly like a zombie.]

...And I'm gonna have to fight J now, aren't I?
07 January 2014 @ 06:47 pm
[Video] Snowflake Fun Time!  
Snowflakes, huh? Been a while since I've seen any weird icons next to people's names. The monk had some kinda mouse or cat thing or somethin' for a while, then the place changed and all the little "heads" or whatever went grey... Doesn't look like it does anything when you put your arrow by it or click on it though. [Click. Click. Click. Click.]

Anyone more computer savvy figured out what it does?

[And then he finally tries clicking the snowflake by his own name. Despite clearly being indoors on the video, there's a snowball in his face.

The snowball stays there splattered over his face which, for a moment, is wearing a bland, unimpressed expression. As anger starts to set in, one hand reaches up to wipe the snow from his face, the other cutting off the video feed.]

((ooc: Feel free to assume your name is one of the ones he experimentally clicked, or, upon having discovered what it does, that he decided to snowball you. Also don't hesitate to threadjack and snowball the hell out of each other on this post.))
12 May 2013 @ 10:16 am
[Video; locked from Michael]  
[There is a stereotypical businessman working at his computer. For our purposes it doesn't matter what he looks like, because very soon a hand taps on his shoulder.

The guy looks around and immediately scrambles away. The hand belongs to one man with sharp teeth and devil wings... as well as a very silly outfit but you be the judge on that one.

The devil tsks.]
You lied to Saint Peter. You told him your girlfriend was dying in the hospital and you wanted to be there for her when she passed away. Which is sort of true, except it's your ex-girlfriend who you hadn't seen for two months.

[The businessman is stammering something but the devil goes on.] Peter's a sucker for sob stories and he let you come back to life, and for the two weeks from then until now you didn't go near that hospital. Well, guess what? She's dead, and your time is up.

Now, you were kinda borderline before this. You cheated on your wife, you stole from your company... But that was a pretty big lie you just told. So, guess what?

[He leans in close to the man's face with a grin full of teeth.] You're going to Hell, man.

[The man gives an unearthly wail as fire consumes him, leaving nothing but his clothes and his computer. The devil sighs and starts picking up his possessions.]

Getting rid of their stuff is the worst part... eh, what's this blinky light mean? [He presses random buttons on the computer, and one of them cuts off the recording.]
02 May 2013 @ 04:21 pm
Alright, boys and girls, it's time to talk cash crops! I know we got some gardeners or flower nuts or scientists or whatever out there. What's worth growing where you're from? Anything real useful or tasty or pretty or whatever that's hard to grow?

I heard hydrangeas are poisonous. Any kinda plants that're strong poisons, makes your head funny or paintings talk to you or something, knocks you out cold, cures diseases, sobers you up, weird shit like that?
19 April 2013 @ 10:55 pm
[video] [grabbag virus]  
[She audio comes first and you can hear Mai mumbling.]

Alright...this should work. Maybe if I just...

[And suddenly there is video to accompany the audio. Both Mai and Masamori are seated together in a setting unusual for them. They are dressed in outfits similar to this and this. Mai smiles brightly and sits back.]

There it goes! [She turns and looks at Masamori.] Shall we begin?

Let's! [Masamori says with a smile at Mai, before he turns to the camera with a friendly but professional air.]

Hello, community! We'd like to ask you a few questions today.

[He settles back a bit.] were you aware of other worlds before joining the community?

Second- are there any worlds that you know are a different version of yours?

And if there are, what made them different?

[He looks back to Mai.] Was there anything else?

[Mai nods and addresses the camera.] Third, and last- have you traveled to one of these other worlds? If so, how?

[She turns to Masamori again.] I think that should be enough for now.

[They both smile politely at the camera.] Thank you for your time.

[ooc: Italics is Masamori, regular text is Mai.]
10 April 2013 @ 08:55 pm
[As the video kicks in Cu Chulainn can be seen wearing a forced grin, it's actually a little manic. Almost like he'd been slipped a ton of caffeine.]

So my little redlegs (he has indeed been hanging around London too long)...[ as he says through clenched teeth doing his best to maintain his broad, twisted smile]...you wouldn't say this is a scary face right? This is a friendly face. This is an approachable face. This is a face you can trust.

[If only he could take you all and put you inside of his head.] Right?
30 March 2013 @ 11:59 pm
New girl on the block  
Cut for video. Skip to 0:22 )

[After the video ends, the girl looks over toward whatever's recording her, moving closer to the screen.]

Great. Just a little online humiliation to finish the day off right.

[There's a series of rapid button smashing before she sits back in her chair, crossing her arms over her chest as she laughs a bit.] It just couldn't get any better.
22 February 2013 @ 04:11 pm
video - So what happened to the village idiot?  
[Anyone who knows even a little bit about the Táin Bó Cuailnge saga might know what happened to Cú Chulainn when he found the boy-troop training at Emain Macha slaughtered. He takes on a horrifying ríastrad type form, more commonly known as 'warp spasm'...and like the Hulk, he becomes a giant, hideous, rage beast. Emphasis on the hideous.

This time there's no one to send an army of bare chested women at him or to dunk him in barrels of cold water (which his rage would turn into boiling water). Nope, this time he had to self sooth.

Which brings us to the ridiculous state that he's in right now.

His body is half in/half out of a shallow creek in some kind of wooded area...or it might have been a wooded area once upon a time ago. Right now it looks like a giant came galumphing through and pulled up most of the surrounding tress by their roots as if they were nothing more than weeds. The surrounding vegetation had seen its fair share of better days as well.

Of course tearing up the forest isn't the only method for self soothing that he's tried, just take a gander at the barrels, the bottle, the jars, and beakers lying around and try not to think too hard about where all of that substance is right now. London will be awakening shortly to an alcohol ransack, but that's okay because Cú Chulainn is safely out of the city.

In fact, he's just plain out, which is why he's covered in muck, his face is planted in the grass, and a small family of hedgehogs are attempting nest in his hair for the day. Weather he finally managed to wear himself out or if he really was able to consume enough toxins, it might be a mystery as to how he finally managed to calm down.]
18 February 2013 @ 04:59 pm
40; Anon Post; kefka is actually not exaggerating much this time; no seriously; i can't make this up  
Dear Community,

I need your help.

I happen to be part of a friendly neighborhood crime syndicate. My sister is a cop and she is dating. However, thanks to my criminal connections, I know the man she is interested in happens to have his dead girlfriend taxidermied in his basement. (No, I don't know how she died. I'm pretty sure the fact that she's taxidermied in his basement is warning sign enough.)

How do I go about getting her to realize that he is not a good match for her without getting stabbed?

From, Worried Brother

[[All tags will be anon unless otherwise stated!]]
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18 February 2013 @ 07:39 am
How do you make somebody happy when they're convinced that they don't deserve it, probably because there are some people out there who want them to believe that?
02 February 2013 @ 07:44 pm
Excuse me, community.

Have any of you heard of someone called "the Priestess of Genbu" or the "Celestial Warriors"?

Or- of worlds inside books?
28 December 2012 @ 11:19 pm
[Video/text] [IC Testimonials]  
All right guys, we almost got those cards ready to send off. What we need now's deck names. I got some ideas on a few of 'em, but this's your guys's memorial game, so let's hear from you guys about you guys.

Here's an example. We got my hot secretary, right? Her deck name's gonna be Goddess if no one gives me nothin' better to work with, since she figures she is one.

Just drop some people's names and say some stuff about 'em and we'll all see what we can do about workin' up some good deck names. I'll put a few examples on the post in text and keep a running list of what's winning for everyone's names.

So there'd be a thread for my secretary, right? A bunch of you would jump in saying stuff about her, like that she gives kick ass Christmas presents or knows good spas or she's got the biggest jugs you've ever seen. If Prussia was still around, we'd make a thread for him and tell a short story about some time when he was awesome. We'd go 'Prussia? One time we took over a beach and partied for like three fucking days straight. Shit was awesome.'

Anyone who's got a part in the name that gets picked for a deck gets a card.

[ooc: text portion begins here. If your character's username or their name (assumed via the DW hover profile) is not ICly visible, let me know and I will include a note about that in the list! There will also be an IC deck/username list, so I will be sure to incorporate the information into that, too.]

[personal profile] mightletyouknowme Goddess
[personal profile] docfoul Pingpong
[personal profile] atadflamboyant Frilly
[personal profile] refinedvillian Tongue
[personal profile] tenminutes Backyard ? Godass? Goddass?

There's some people I got no damned idea on but who are worth collecting pictures on, so I'm counting on you guys for them, too.
[personal profile] fugal
[personal profile] fightbymoonlight
[personal profile] givesherflower
[personal profile] lifeisbrief

and everyone else. Do them to.

[OOC: No decks will exist for any characters who have not given
OOC permission to have a deck, but everyone is free to play and give/get (hypothetical, if there's no permission) deck names and cards. The linked post lists all currently existing decks. You can put in for a deck even if your character isn't at the 6 month mark yet; it helps us get them made on time! If I have no idea what Greed would pick for a deck name, I'll go scrolling through old posts and try to come up with something; failing that, he will probably take a key word from their usernames, if they're visible.

Character wouldn't namedrop themselves and nobody else is going it for you? Blame the community and/or say Greed got it from the community list and put them down.]

19 December 2012 @ 10:54 pm
[Video] Backdated to yesterday for the snow virus.  
The hell is this? [Greed crouches in the snow, prodding at a limbless snowman with no particularly defining features beyond a pair of glasses and a perpetually frumpy expression. It gets knocked over and rolls about until it can eventually get up, looking somehow even more annoyed. With a single finger poke, Greed knocks it back down again.] Oi. There's been armor without a throat that could talk. Can't you at least complain a little when I mess with you? These viruses ain't what they used to be, if this's the best threat they can manage...

[Another snowman,one whose distinguishing feature is some paper clips is behind him, on top of a dumpster. While limbless itself, it jumps up and down a few times until an icicle falls down off of the edge.]

Or maybe it's my fault? Should I've made something bigger if I wanted this to get more exciting...?

[As the ice falls off of the ledge, another snow-mini comes along and takes the fallen icicle with the unsightly hole in the middle of her face, sharp end out, approaching the distracted Greed from behind with horror-flick obvious levels of murderous intent.

Forget red, yellow is the new color of wrath.]
01 December 2012 @ 07:58 pm
[Video] IC Beauty Pageant and the start of DDD IC Trading Cards.  
We got some real lookers on here, on the guy's side and the girl's side. One of the stars of this diamond mine's my bombshell secretary, who some of you might remember ran a little survey a while back on how long people've been here, what people want most... the number one thing people wanted out of this whole community schtick was the people they miss back.

That's not somethin' I can do for ya. That's what makes it so important to treasure their precious, precious memories while you can. [He meant that to come off genuine enough to be a sales pitch, but it just comes out sarcastic and mocking, earning a grimace at his own failure as a salesman.]

I'm gonna make some trade cards up of all you guys, y'know, the kind you get in cigarette packs. Once in a while I'll give you all some shit to do and you can earn cards that got yer friends pictures on 'em and swap 'em around to collect the whole sets. Once you get the whole set, you can cash 'em in for physical hard copies!

Now you people who ain't got no friends are gonna feel kinda crappy if no one wants yer decks, and that's no good. I'mma feel-good kinda guy. You guys can offer little rewards to people who finish off your decks, too. Pies, paintings, cash, blow jobs, world hops, whatever ya want---if you don't pay up, I ain't gonna force it, but your offer's as good as yer word, so take some pride in it.

How's this help with rememberin' people who ain't here? All you nostalgic people can donate to a memorial fund. Memorial fund prizes'll go to anyone who finishes a deck for someone who ain't here no more.

Now the first thing we're gonna need is some pictures. Why not make a game out of it and get those cards out there? Once you've been here six months you get a deck.

Here's how it's gonna go! You guys start postin' pictures 'n say how long you've been around. Other people'll rate'cha one to ten, ten high, one low. Everyone who gets 50 points gets a prize. Pull a hundred 'n you'll get double.

But to make it fair and a real game, only one in ten of the points you give can be a ten. Only one of ten can be a nine, eight, seven, and six, too. You can give out as many fives as ya want, and if you give out too many of those high numbers, the last one given'll get counted down a number 'n all the other ones will, too. My secretary's a ten and definitely qualified to judge a beauty contest, all smart and good with numbers too, so she'll be the one checkin' those totals.

When you're givin' numbers, you can talk about what'cha like about 'em, throw out some key words and stuff for some deck names.

You got it? Then, get to it!

[OOC: For more information on the up and coming DDD IC Trading Card Game, please see: this Opt-in and FAQ post.

A deck will ONLY be made if you opt-in on that permission post! You're still free to post to the pageant or to play any of the games hosted without opting in! If your character hasn't been here six months, their deck will be made when it has been six months. Or your character can lie: if Greed neither nor Sena catch it, they're in!

Simplified Pageant game rules: ICly give ratings of 1-10, with only one 10, one 9, one 8, etc. allowed per 10 ratings your character gives. In other words, if your character gives 20 ratings, they can give two 6s, two 7s, two 8s, etc. 5s and below are unlimited. Optionally suggest deck names: i.e., Kobato might be the Vampire deck, Shelly the Shell deck, etc.

Sena-mun and I will be making the cards, probably using the pictures you provide. If you opt-in, we will ask if we need more pictures and may try to use your icons.

Feel free to put Posted by Community
 if your character would not ICly play.


Update: 2/7/13 - Method of figuring scores visible OOCly here. ]