29 July 2013 @ 02:37 pm
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[ by this point, now that they know about it, people might be starting to pick up on the differences between the two yuugis - and the one sitting in front of the camera right now is all angles, sharp-eyed and rigid. his hair is different. he holds himself more proudly. he also seems to be, despite his serious expression, kind of awkward, and he spends a while drumming his fingers on the desk, clearly unsure of what to say. ]

... Everyone got out of Kaiba's Death-T alright. [ starting was apparently the hardest part, because he shifts and continues, now in a strong and confident voice with no hesitation: ] Grandpa is home from the hospital already, and Honda-kun wasn't hurt after we lost him, thanks to Kaiba's little brother. I won the final game, and everything is back to normal. [ a small smirk. ] Well, aside from this latest virus, I guess. But it seems that I'm not affected, and I'm glad for that.

[ he picks up a piece of paper and stares at it for a moment, frowning. ] My partner... wanted me to say this, instead of him. He also wants me to introduce myself to the people of the community. I don't see much point in it, but... [ he puts the paper down and stares, dead serious, into the camera. ] I'm Yuugi Mutou. I am the presence that lives inside of Yuugi's heart. I believe my partner calls me his "other self", so if you want to call me the "other Yuugi", I don't mind. If we haven't already met, it's a pleasure. Any friends of Yuugi's are also friends of mine.

... [ he sighs, eyebrows furrowing. ] I'd like to switch back to my partner now, so that he can talk to you all again after the Death-T incident, but according to this [ waving the piece of paper ] he wants me to be the one to talk. I can't lie to him, which means I'll have to do my best with this. My partner recommended asking a question, and so I've been trying to think of one...

After our duel at the end of Death-T, I shattered Kaiba's heart completely. I broke it so that he can rebuild it himself and be free of the darkness that had consumed him. I can't say for sure that he'll recover; but while he may have done terrible things to my friends and family, I truly respect him as an opponent, and I hope that he finds his way out of the darkness to face me again. He deserves that second chance.

... What I wanted to ask was how the rest of you feel about second chances like that. Do you think that everyone is deserving of them? No one? Or only those who you can see are worthy of it?
09 July 2013 @ 11:03 pm
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G-guys— [ yuugi sounds panicked, and his voice is trembling, like he's on the verge of tears. there's shouting going on in the background, but it doesn't obscure what he says. ] Everyone, I'm really worried... Right now, me and my friends - our lives are definitely in danger here!

[ he takes a deep breath, but explains very frantically, still bordering on hysterical: ] Kaiba-kun invited me and Jounouchi-kun to his mansion, but it was a trap all along... Everything he and his brother have done has been to try to kill us! Grandpa was sent to hospital because of Kaiba-kun, and now we're all stuck in his "Death-T" amusement park. It's insane...! Jounouchi-kun had to fight a real serial killer just to get us through one of the stages, and we've— [ his voice cracks, but he manages to push onwards. ] We lost Honda-kun to that last game...

I... I won't think that we're going to die here, though! Because I have faith in all of my friends... I believe that Honda-kun is still alive, and that the strength of my friends will support me - and... the other me...

[ this seems to be what he was leading up to, because there is an audible pause as he steadies himself. his voice comes out more composed, but a little nervous. ]

I just wanted to confess... Having just told my other friends, it didn't feel right not to say anything. There's... another me... another "Yuugi" that lives inside of me. He's come out a few times, so you might have met him already, but he and I... We'll definitely win this, and we'll come back safely. So, please believe in us!!
17 March 2013 @ 11:18 am
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Why do they bother teaching us anything before summer? I mean, it's not like we're gonna remember anything when we get back...
08 March 2013 @ 09:32 pm
41; tsundere virus; did you mean "what kefka is like all the time"  
[Kefka isn't nearly as ridiculously dressed as usual today; he's in green, lots of green, green everywhere, from the feathers in his hair and his eye shadow to his jacket and nail polish. His make up is plainer than usual as well, giving his skin a sallow look.]

Does anyone know what kinds of foods Retasu likes? How about favorite color? Is it safe to assume green?
Current Location: Tower of Kefka
09 March 2013 @ 12:05 pm
( video ☆ my other half is an xdere...!! )  
[ there is something... different about yuugi. just looking at him, it's obvious. his face is sharper, his eyes are narrower - and instead of purple, aren't they kind of red? his hair has changed, with more blond streaks through it than usual. the expression he wears is so unlike yuugi, too; he's smirking, and it looks almost threatening. he gives off such a menacing aura that it's hard to believe he's the same person.

he speaks in yuugi's voice - ]

Listen up. I'm only going to warn you of this once.

[ - but he uses it differently. he speaks with bold, confident language, and it's harsher than yuugi's gentle, polite speech. ]

Stay away from the people that I have met on this community. They're my precious friends and I won't allow any others to come near them. Is that understood? Anyone who disobeys will face a Penalty Game for their insolence. I'm not going to tolerate others trying to steal what is mine.

I won't be pleased to hear that those friends have been seeking out other people behind my back, either. It's best for you to only speak with me.

If everyone understands... then let's all get along nicely, hm?

[ his grin is terrifying, and it looks, frankly, insane. ]
21 February 2013 @ 12:26 pm
001 | perma text;  
Helpful Advice from Golubaeser Asako

it has come to my attention that peopls have had there hearts broken lately, v-day came and went according to this community and they feel the sting of it!! i scrolled through everything and saw what hapened with those red strings!

[she thought it was quite an interesting show.]

im here to tell you that you dont have anything to worry about! this is my advice corner, comment here with your troubles and ill solve it the best i can!!

ahahaha dont be shy i wont bite at all (´・ω・`)
24 January 2013 @ 03:20 pm
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Um... [ whoever this boy is, there are three things immediately noticeable about him: firstly, he's short as hell. secondly, what is up with his hair. thirdly - there are bruises and a scrape or two on his face, fresh. ]

I found this website a couple of weeks ago, and it looked kind of like a general help forum. I didn't need anything then, so I just left it alone, but... It came back today, so it feels like maybe I should just ask for help with a problem? I mean, I have one... [ he takes a breath, as if to say, here goes nothing— ]

Uh, does anyone know how to deal with bullies? [ he cringes and looks embarrassed. ] It's kind of silly, I know. I just thought someone might be able to say something to help me. I don't like to fight, so even though I've told them to stop, there's not much else I can do...

[ he leans his cheek against his hand and immediately pulls it away with a small hiss of pain. he smiles sheepishly. ] S-sorry, I know it's a lame thing to ask. Oh - and I'm Yuugi. It's nice to meet everyone.