06 November 2013 @ 06:55 am
2nd Contact  
[On this day, Naoki re-appears on the community. He's got a little grin on his face]

Ah, great! Been trying to get my camera and phone and computer to work the community thing on all of them. Looks like it works! Anyways, I've got a question guys.

[His face twists, looking concerned yet confused]

You guys all remember the Rider War right? Well, after Kefka saved me from the monsters, I went back and got my camera. Recorded the whole final battle and everything! [GRIN GRIN! But no this is srs face time!] Anyways, when I got back, after I saved it on a disk for me to watch later, I uploaded it online. And for a couple of weeks it was the hottest thing online! But then someone took it down and banned my account! I tried uploading it again on an anonymous proxy but it was taken down that same day! And all the reports about all the damage are just saying it was a 'terrorist attack'!
So I'm wondering, is this some kind of a community thing or...is it something just on my side?

[ooc: For the sake of this post, its primarily just his world. The forces in control of the demons are trying to keep things quiet.]

23 September 2013 @ 09:22 pm
[Canon Move | Accidental Video + Purposeful Video]  
[Leila appears to be in a castle somewhere. It's probably not the palace in Ostia. She's apparently under inspection by three people - a rather creepy-looking cloaked man, a heavily built man with graying hair and a nasty scar on his face, and a buxom, dark-haired woman. Her face is impassive as she allows the three of them to inspect her. There doesn't seem to be any sound, but after a few moments of conferring with the other two, the large man steps forward and offers Leila a hand. He speaks a little more, but the community only records one sentence.]

Welcome to the Black Fang.


[Some time later, in what looks like a different room in the same castle, Leila flicks the video on with her usual smile.]

Goodness, has it been that long already? I'm sorry for being out of contact; I was following up on something that happened last month during the body-swapping incident. It looks like there weren't any problems - thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Akiyama.

So, what have I missed?
14 September 2013 @ 11:06 am
I would like to request your advice, community. Of those of you who deal with... admittedly strange people on a regular basis, what is the strangest thing they've ever done that you have had to help with, even though you disapproved of it? What did you do in that situation?

...furthermore, does this situation you were in compare in any way, by level of strangeness or otherwise, to a certain somebody holding public auditions in a talent show format in order to search for additions to her harem?
15 May 2013 @ 11:59 am
[Accidental Video]  
[The video opens up to someone in a red cloak with a high collar from behind, messing about with something on Leila's bed. A song* is playing, presumably from Leila's computer.

After a moment, the figure turns around and proves to be Leila, humming along to the song.]

She's a double-dealing diva, with a taste for - oh, hello community.

[She comes over and turns the music off, and slips out of the cloak. It seems to have been cut for someone with wider shoulders than her; in fact she's wearing her normal yellow one underneath it. What was on the bed proves to be a bag - to all appearances, she's packing for a trip. Though why that includes a pair of what are very plainly daggers meant for combat...]

Hmm... well, since the community obviously thinks I need to post, we may as well have another of those inane question posts. I'd apologize, but I'm not particularly sorry. How do you pack for a trip?

And has anybody besides me managed to become a fan of entertainment from another world since joining the community?

((OOC: *Note: links to a youtube video with music, jsyk.))
24 December 2012 @ 04:40 pm
I know it's Christmas on Earth, but this question came up... recently, so I hope you'll forgive me posting something that hasn't got much to do with it. People still post questions that they pretend aren't personal here, don't they?

Suppose you've... overheard some information. Rather important information. You can't actually do much about it, but someone else is affected who isn't being told, probably because he'd most likely react... badly. The people involved have all resolved not to tell him.

Would you tell the person being kept out?

((OOC: Guess who just found out her boss has Soap Opera Disease?))
18 August 2012 @ 11:28 pm
[All this video shows is a slender hand with a purple glove on it, gesturing expressively. The background looks like an abandoned warehouse.]

Attention, community! It occurs to me that until I can set up a proper list of contacts, I may as well broadcast this to everyone.

Tonight, I intend to steal nothing less than the blazing pride of Bern itself. Anyone who cares to try may feel free to try and stop me. Do try and make it a challenge. I despise a boring heist.

No one's proven themselves worthy of my name yet, so I'll simply sign off with the name one of you gave me - the Beautiful Jay Queen.

[She chuckles a little, and the camera gets a brief view of red hair framing a purple domino mask, before it tips over, a swirl of yellow cape obscuring the lens for a moment. When it's out of the way, the video records a few moments of empty warehouse before shutting off.]
03 June 2012 @ 09:28 pm
[A redheaded young woman peers at the apparent camera, regarding it curiously. After a moment, she smiles and chuckles a little.]

Hm. Well, I hadn't ever expected to see this again. It's been a while, hasn't it? I wonder if anyone I knew back then is even still here... And everything seems to have changed while I was gone, too. It still seems to work the same, though; perhaps it isn't a total loss.

Well, hello again, DramaDramaDuck. I'm Leila. Spare me the explanations; I had them the first time around. Now, how are things in the other worlds?
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