19 October 2013 @ 05:28 pm
Beginning of an End  
Today has been ridiculous, community. It seems like everything seems to be going wrong.

Things were missing, my computer would barely boot up, and to top it off there has been tiny little tremors.

[Ayumi sighs, rubbing her head as if having a headache.] I don't know how this could possibly get worse--

[And then suddenly her camera starts shaking as the world practically crashes down around her and a yell from outside. And just as abruptly, the shaking stopped as Ayumi clawed her way out from under a pile of books.] Ow... that... that was some earthquake.

[Stumbling to her feet, she called out,] Mom? Was there any damage?

[Getting a muffled answer back, Ayumi turned to the community recording.] The tremors are getting more severe. I don't know how bad it is lately, but I'm worried. I'm going to call the other Precure and see what they're saying.

I'll update you all later, okay?
13 September 2013 @ 05:10 pm
School Worries  
There's a school nearby that's actually worrying me. It's called Subaruhoshi High School, and I've seen kids nearby who look pretty downtrodden coming from it. I don't want to get involved but what if there's a really rough crowd that belongs to it?

Anyone have any ideas? I'd like to make friends with some of them, but they go out to avoid people who aren't from the school.

Also there's another school nearby called Amanogawa. I'm thinking of going there once Middle School is done. I heard it's actually got a space program embedded into the program environment. And I do like space.

I'm doing better in class, me and my friends are going to have a study group next week but hmm, I dunno why the monster attacks slowed down. There hasn't been one for a couple of months now. Maybe they completely stopped?
29 July 2013 @ 01:46 pm
High Quality Non-Content - Video  
[The scene has Ayumi with a bunch of friends, three girls that she had befriended earlier. She's holding onto a video camera.]

Is this what we're doing now? Just making guided tours and filming everything to be put on NicoNicoTube?

[Indistinct laughter and chatter from her friends as the camera wobbles. She seems to be filming from the inside of a building, a bakery no less as she's panning over the bakery.]

And here we have the inside of PanPakaPan. It's a famous bakery in the center of Kamakura Town, on the coast here. We're visiting for these...

[The camera pans over towards a pile of really good looking chocolate cornets and it waggles up and down.] We're going to get a large pile of these to take home to our families. It's only a short train ride back to Minato Mirai. Barely half an hour of a trip.

So what do you think, Saki? Can we get a few?

[Whatever Saki has to say obviously is cut off or is barely shown on the video as the camera cuts out and then it re-activates later on while Ayumi is uploading her high quality "non-content" to NicoNicoTube.]
27 June 2013 @ 11:44 am
Changing Into - Video  
[The camera seems to be one of those shaky-cam deals, as Ayumi picks up a item that was glinting in the dirt.] What's this...? It looks like a Cure Decor...?

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22 May 2013 @ 10:17 pm
Birth of a New Precure/RL in Precure World  
[Perhaps it was fate, perhaps it was something that had been running through Ayumi's head for a while. But when she had made her way towards Fu-chan who stood atop the tower, Ayumi saw that a pillar of Fusion erupted in front of Miyuki, she just reacted.

Shoving her away, Ayumi was instantly engulfed by the liquid-like substance.]

Happy: Ayumi! Ayumi!

[Deep inside the pillar, Ayumi reflected on her fate, feeling the energy eat away at her. Her thoughts a whirl, but at peace as she let her heart decide for her what was right.]

Ayumi: I thought I was alone. I thought no one knew how I felt. But I was wrong.

[As the Precure hammered at the pillar trying to free her, Ayumi reflected on everything that had happened the moment she had accessed the community, and the day she met Fu-chan. Flashes of memory floated by her as she thought of those wonderful times, and as she did so, her heart started to warm.]

Ayumi: I wasn't alone. And I could get my feelings across if I actually spoke them. For sure! Fu-chan!

When a friend is doing something wrong, a friend will be there to stop them.

[These words resounded in her mind, spoken by Hibiki as Ayumi tightened her resolve. All the smiles people had given her flooded her mind, and she opened her eyes inside the whirlwind of energy.]

Ayumi: I want you to know how I really feel. I will get it across to you! I want to go to Fu-chan!

[All at once, power erupted. Spilling out of the darkness and rising like a blossoming flower, a figure resolved in the energy as she clasped her hands.]

Ayumi: Deliver my feelings: Cure Echo!

[Landing, she smiled at the others who gathered around her, and the fairies went wild from their perch above.]

Ayumi: I will deliver my feelings to Fu-chan. But... I will need more help. Community, I know you're listening. Please, if you find it in your heart, come fight and push on towards Fu-chan!

[As she said this, a huge wave of darkness erupted as a thousand strong ooze like monsters erupted from the ground and Echo turned around, energy gathering in her hands.]

Ayumi: Fu-chan, you will listen to my feelings, but for that... I must deliver them first! Precure Echo Shoot!

(ooc: fight thread. Jump in, smash some minions. Go nuts.)
19 May 2013 @ 10:32 pm
Sparkly Things Hit The Fan  
Community help! It's Fu-chan! Fu-chan said... he said that he's going to make me happy and reset everything! He made my mom disappear and he also made the dog across the way vanish and now...!

[Choked sobbing.] I don't know what to do! He ate my mom and I need to find him before he does something terrible! What am I supposed to do?
17 April 2013 @ 07:42 am
Video - Wake Up In The Morning Feeling Like Cure Black - Grabbag Virus  
[Seriously what is this? Ayumi is trying to hide herself from her classmates as she seems to be dressed in a familiar outfit to some. The Cure Black outfit fits her like a glove and there's so many people who could see her everywhere!]

This is so bad... [She murmured. Why did she have to get hit by the virus at school? Why couldn't it have been golden week or something?]
04 April 2013 @ 11:03 am
WAIT! - canon bump  
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[Ayumi was out with Fu-chan that day, looking at antiques when Fu-chan changed into a bracelet. So absorbed in how pretty it looked, she never even noticed a certain pink bumping right into her behind. Stumbling forward, she made an "eep!" noise as she looked over her shoulder.]

Ayumi: Um... sorry! [And off she tears off, embarrassed.]

[Just when she thinks she's clear however, a yell came from behind her.]


[Absolutely shocked, Ayumi just kept running, wondering why she was chasing her.]

[Along a pathway, after Hibiki explained what they were trying to do, ie find Fusion, Ayumi bumped into Hibiki and Fusion sort of went wobbly for a moment.]

Ayumi: SORRY!

Miyuki: WAIT!

Hibiki: ... WAIT HOLD ON! [And Hibiki takes chase. The chase goes on for several minutes before Hibiki zooms in front of the pair, holding out her hands.]


[And Miyuki goes crashing into Hibiki, sending up dust everywhere.]

Ayumi: Um... are you two okay...?

Hibiki & Miyuki: GAAAAAH! [And they burst free, standing up as Ayumi whimpers. But as one, they bow to her.] I'm really sorry about earlier!

Miyuki: I'm sorry for bumping into you. I should have been watching where I was going!

Hibiki: And I bumped your bracelet. I didn't break it, did I?

Ayumi: O-oh! Well the bracelet and I are all okay. Was that what you wanted to tell me?

[The pair nodded and Ayumi had to smile as she bowed and headed off.]

Ayumi: What strange girls. Normally you wouldn't chase after someone to ask forgiveness...
23 February 2013 @ 08:14 am
First Day of School - Video - Canon Bump  
cut )

[Filming from Ayumi's windows, the video seems to show something that Ayumi was not aware of at this given time until now. It had been a day or two since the attack and Ayumi was watching the news that morning.]

Precure... so cool...! I didn't realize my world had this...

[Later on, she's sitting in the courtyard of the school as people were moving around her, trying to get to lunch or other classrooms for the day, and she's, well, sitting alone.]

A little bit of course... didn't pay off...

(ooc: video starts at 4:19 and ends at 6:13 or so.)
19 February 2013 @ 01:05 pm
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It's the day of the Tanabata Festival, and Yayoi is fielding traffic to and fro from the Mysterious Library and meeting people who are coming in with their own worldhops. You may see some of her teammates around including a fairy named Pop around today, but for the purpose of it, everything is funtimes!

There's a lot of people around and arriving at the front gates of the festival grounds, there's a ton of stuff to do, such as fish catching, food vendors and other assorted games. Have a ball and mingle. Because tonight, the Smile Precure are in for the fight of their lives.

Pegasus Day is upon us as well, since Marchenland celebrates the same occasion on the same day. So try not to ride the Pop!Pegasus around too much.

(ooc: minglepost, have fun, tag around with CR etc.)
17 February 2013 @ 02:10 pm
Awkward News Reports - Video  
[It seemed like a normal video post as the screen pans over the familiar landscape of Yokohama's harbor town. And suddenly, the world goes dark. Incredibly dark. And then this happens.]

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Fusion: My name is Fusion! I shall destroy all and dye the world in darkness!

[And with that, Fusion unleashed a powerful flame attack which was suddenly blocked by a shimmering wall of energy.]

Person 1: Were we saved?

Person 2: What happened?

Person 3: Hey, there's something on top of the Ferris wheel!

[Yes indeed. A certain several someones, very familiar to many people. The community really is good at getting the angles of this shot as more people spoke in surprise about what they were seeing.]

Person 4: There's someone on top of the car. There are a lot. There are 5... 10... a lot!

Person 5: They're girls!

Person 4: Could they be...

[And then an elderly voice cuts in.]

Elderly Man: That's it. It has to be. When the world is dyed with darkness... they are said to surely appear. They are the Legendary Warriors!

[And at the prompting of a squad of familiar mascots, everyone started cheering loudly!]

[Across town though, there's someone who is unfamiliar with the situation at hand, as a young girl is moving the last of her things into her room. She sighs a little, shaking her head.]

I hate this place...